Kaamini Godiyal

2016 Vahani Scholar

“Vahani: The family which has brought together almost 60 students from all over India and more than 100 people together as a family. The one that has brought smiles on so many faces and has given them the confidence that they have a life worth living. Thanking is just not enough for such a big deed...

Himanshi Shivhare

2016 Vahani Scholar

I was ready to chase
but life was in an adverse phase.
"Ok, I will write my own destiny then",
I said, but where was the pen?

I was tensed but goals weren't lost,
then I noticed something was tossed.
I saw high in the sky
A voice said you too can fly...


Savej Hasan

2016 Vahani Scholar

”Vahani has been an unexpected but incredible and path breaking experience of my life. I am deeply honoured and humbled to be part of this wonderful family. For me Vahani is life. It did not only provide financial support to achieve my dream but also a family, a group of friends to whom I can approach anywhere, anytime for any help I need and highly experienced mentors who are selflessly always there for us...