Himanshi Shivhare

2016 Vahani Scholar

I was ready to chase
but life was in an adverse phase.
"Ok, I will write my own destiny then",
I said, but where was the pen?

I was tensed but goals weren't lost,
then I noticed something was tossed.
I saw high in the sky
A voice said you too can fly.

It was a great opportunity at my door
It said no need to be depressed any more.

I was looking for the pen in the sand
but actually it was in my hand.
I just needed the magical ink
that changed everything in a blink.

I got a chance to change my destiny
All because of a team called Vahani.
It's not that it was reserved
But I proved that I deserved.

“Vahani is a non-profit organization which came up with the motto to nurture the exceptional talents of deprived students. It selects students from class 12th who deserve a chance to get the best education. They provide full financial support including college fees, accommodation and travelling expenses. Besides this each scholar get personal mentorship from different successful professionals. Vahani provide great opportunities for scholars to intern in top companies of India. It conducts exciting workshops twice in a year which includes career counselling, inspirational speeches, trips to different places and activities involving creativity, skill building and fun. Taking care of needs of the scholars they provide tablets, laptops and exciting gifts for them. As a scholar, I feel like there is a whole community of Vahani who has unconditional care and concern for me. Their support is incomparable as they helped me in my crucial time. I will be always grateful to the whole Vahani family. All my juniors of Happy Days, nothing is for granted, if you deserve something you have to prove that. Do your level best to grab this wonderful opportunity and change your destiny.”
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