Kaamini Godiyal

2016 Vahani Scholar

“Vahani: The family which has brought together almost 60 students from all over India and more than 100 people together as a family. The one that has brought smiles on so many faces and has given them the confidence that they have a life worth living. Thanking is just not enough for such a big deed.

We as students have not only got the opportunity of studying in good colleges but also of learning from each other. Talking about me personally, it has given me a family, a group of friends whom I can approach anywhere anytime for any help I need. But because of living in different cities, it becomes difficult to meet everyone from the family. However, because of the constant efforts of our mentors even this impossible thing becomes possible.

The third annual meet of Vahaniwhich was held from 29th June 2018 to 1st July 2018 was a great platform provided by our mentors where we learnt much more about their lives, this world, the future, about each other and more over about ourselves. It brought in more confidence, determination and reality to our dreams.

At times in life we often think we learn from books, but for me the real learning comes from the experiences of others. And just imagine the magnitude of experiences shared by more than 60 people! Imagine the number of lessons we all get to learn.

All this would have not been possible without our lovely mentors, Reeva ma’am, Rajeev sir, Shalini ma’am, Rohan sir, Roshni, Rashmani ma’am, Mike sir and Mariya ma’am, all the guest speakers and everybody else who shares a relation with Vahani in one or the other way, they are the reason because of whom we the VahaniScholars stand as confident individuals in this world and can aspireto become something in life and serve for the country. You all are an inspiration to us.

I would like to thank you all on behalf of all VahaniScholars for always being there for us whenever we needed your help and support. Thank you for giving reality to our dreams. And thank you so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity of meeting each other at least once in a year and learning from each other. Thank you for loving us all so much and for taking care of us like our family. We stand here because of you all. Thank you so much for making us believe in ourselves and for helping us watch dreams with open eyes.

We all share many emotions with Vahani. Emotions of love, happiness, care, responsibility, and the most important an emotion of serving our nation since we strongly believe that life is for giving and as the 2018 workshop said:‘Aspire to Inspire: Be The Change’.
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