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Current Scholars

2017 Batch


Malika Goyal

Malika Goyal is from Shivpuri, M.P. She has completed her 6th semester of MBA in Management Science from the International Institute of Professional Studies (IIPS) with 9.47 SGPA making her the top scorer once again. She enjoys working for people and wants to improve her calibre with every step. She is creative and dedicated towards her work and was titled ‘Student of the Year' thrice in her school. Malika was praised by the Director of IIPS for scoring the highest marks in her MBA Batch among 120 students and for giving the best presentations. She has taken leadership roles for five years. Malika has worked with various people and NGOs. In her spare time she enjoys writing, reading, sketching, playing sports and getting to know people and their cultures.


Nidhi B Vedant

Nidhi b vedant is 20 years old and is currently pursuing her bachelor degree from Mohammed Sathak A J Academy of architecture, Chennai. She is extremely passionate about architecture and wants to work with eco-friendly materials in her future to keep the environment clean and also to reduce land wastage. She is also currently a very active member of Vahani’s social media team. She is very creative and innovative with her designs. Her CGPA keeps increasing each semester as she is a very hardworking student. Her favorite pastime is sketching, doodling and her love for painting hand-made prints has no bounds. She is inspired from life everyday and expresses that through her sketches. She has done 2 internships in architectural firms and earns her own pocket money by taking orders for paintings, and helping her seniors. Her favorite language is German and has been to Germany for 3 weeks on a student exchange program. She is extremely attached to her sister and loves spending time with her family and friends. Her aim is to give back more to the society than she has received.

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