English Vinglish

In January 2018, Vahani scholars began a twelve months Online English Language course directed by Prof. Veena Sethi. Veena, who has a PhD in Comparative Literature and an extensive experience in education including teaching English at DU, offered the scholars a unique opportunity to further develop their English skills. The course is designed to be collaborative, informative and enjoyable. It consists of monthly assignment based on interesting videos (TED Talks, interviews, documentaries etc.) and current debates. We have amazing tutors from all around the world who work closely with scholars, providing personalised feedback and corrections. The course aims to improve the students overall confidence in English language, advancing their grammar, vocabulary and spoken and written skills. We extend immense thanks to Veena Sethi and all our tutors for providing the valuable course and her time to Vahani.



To make sense of  the

English Language


Increased mental flexibility and  memory capacity


Greater comprehension of how language works and is used


Increased ability in digital literacy and global affairs

English Pronunciation and Grammar is often extremely confusing to students but the English Vinglish Program gives them the tools and guidance to improve as well as master the language.

Benefits of  Language Learning


The ability to communicate in a new language


Improved social and work opportunities

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