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Vahani Communications Programme

Vahani caters to the holistic development of the Scholar and  the English Language Programme  is an important one run by the Scholarship, this  has recently  turned into a full fledged certificate program working towards this development. It runs over  3 years  focusing on Grammar, Pronunciation, Written and Spoken English. The Freshers Batch in their First Year at college enroll in the English Communications Program designed by Jaishree Misra (Vahani Board Member) ,  in their Second Year of college they enroll for the English Vinglish Program managed and designed by Prof Veena Sethi and overseen by the English Tutors , their Final Year culminates with  sessions on Email Etiquette and Corporate Communication training with Jaishree Misra. 

English Grammar, Pronunciation and Communication  are often extremely confusing. The English Language Program at Vahani addresses this confusion and equips the Scholars with  tools   to help improve and master the language. 

English Language Program Directors

1st Year - English Communications Program

This year we have added another dimension to the English-Program package, in collaboration with Vahani Board member and Mentor Jaishree Misra, we designed an English Communications Programme which the Scholars fondly refer to as their ‘English Club’. This program is largely conducted via a very interactive WhatsApp Group which Jaishree Misra uses to work on their grammar and pronunciation skills In addition to this, we hold monthly Zoom Sessions where the Scholars are encouraged to speak in English, learning initially to introduce themselves in social and/or work settings, moving on eventually to debates and discussions  

2nd Year - English Vinglish Program

In January 2018, Vahani scholars began a twelve month Online English Language course "English Vinglish" directed and designed by Prof. Veena Sethi.  Veena has a PhD in Comparative Literature and an extensive experience in education including teaching English at DU. This offered the scholars a unique opportunity to further develop and hone their English skills. The course is designed to be collaborative, informative and enjoyable. It consists of monthly assignments based on interesting videos (TED Talks, interviews, documentaries etc.) and current debates. We have amazing tutors from all around the world who work closely with scholars, providing personalised feedback and corrections. The course aims to improve the students overall confidence in the English language, advancing their grammar, vocabulary, spoken and written skills. We are grateful to Veena Sethi  for this valuable course content and her time, we also extend our thanks to all our invaluable tutors for their contribution and involvement . 

3rd Year - Professional-Corporate Etiquettes 

Finally culminating with sessions in the 3rd year that cover interview skills and professional etiquette in the workplace which helps groom  the Scholars and leads into a smooth transition into the corporate world. These sessions are benefiting the scholars and are hugely enjoyed by all the participants.  

English Vinglish Programme Tutors

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