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A Cherished Memory !

Have you ever had an ineffable feeling about something? It’s like the moment you think about it, you’re filled with so many kinds of emotions that you’re totally out of words and your simple smile is just enough to speak the rest.

It’s amazing, right? Well, I experience this feeling when I think about …’Vahani’. It’s absolutely not an exaggeration and you will rightly understand it once you put

yourselves in my shoes.

Vahani has given me a lot of great memories from the day I’ve known it. But when you ask me about the favorite one among them, I’ll not think twice to say that it was the first ever summer workshop. Until that event, I merely had an idea that I’ve got an opportunity to provide financial relief for my family for the next 4 years of my Bachelors. But, guess what? It was something more than that.

I still remember the day when my father and I had reached Gurgaon to attend the workshop. It was quite hilarious as I wasn’t very fluent with Hindi back those days and I tried to communicate with the taxi driver, hostel warden with sign language and we ended up laughing together.

Then, I was all set on the first day to meet everyone and to get to know well about Vahani. After introducing ourselves to each other at the beginning, the workshop was started. As hours passed, I was able to perceive something very important. It was that Vahani is not just about money and it is going to wholeheartedly guide me by holding my hands in my every step towards a bright future. Each passing day of the workshop with various informative, fun-filled activities and the inspirational speeches from mentors belonging to different fields

strongly supported my realization about Vahani.

I got to converse with many successful people including entrepreneurs and government officers. The workshop was immensely helpful to me especially at that point of time when I had recently completed my schooling and getting ready to enter college. It’s been 4 years since I’ve become a grateful member of the Vahani family. I’ve gained a lot of significant experiences from attending each workshop conducted every year yet the first one stands as a beautiful picture imprinted in my book of memoirs.

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