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A simple act of love!

Our past becomes our memories.  Some of them become our favorite and some of them are bad ones, but most of them we forget like mathematical formulas. I get a smile on my face whenever I try to remember every minute I spent with the Vahani family at the winter workshop.

I still remember on the first day we all were standing in a line like children who stand to collect chocolates on some occasions back in school and Rashmani ma’am was giving everyone a hug and asking about them and their family. That is the sweetest memory. Then as per the schedule of the day some great personalities conducted various sessions at the workshops on different topics.  

In the evening we all gathered together to take a group photo. And the real fun began, the musical party, where every one danced to the music played. I had never danced before in my life, but I managed to dance on that day with some terrible moves. I bet if Michael Jackson had seen some of my moves, he would have cried.

To went back to the hotel where we were lodging in different cars singing songs all the way back. We reached the hotel and had dinner. Then I went to bed looking forward to making some more lovely memories with my new family.

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