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Be wise about what makes a man, A man healthy, wealthy and wiser.

Doing 50 push-ups in single sitting, reading Mr. Popular’s blog every day or downloading mind matters apps DOES NOT guarantee a holistic life. Here is why. Intensive workout may drain so much of your energy that you would be unable to do any physical activity for the next few days. Mr. Popular is telling you only the popular speculation, and not the expert opinion. QAnon’s conspiracy theory being the most recent example. And getting distracted by what your friend has texted you while using Mind matters app is not the best way to enable self-growth.

So, you might be asking, then what is it? How many lucky charms are going to make me a successful person? Well, unlike the ‘Internet Guru’s’, I am not here to tell you the 7 magical steps to become Tony Robbins. You are the best judge of who you are. It is completely upon you to know what is the best for you. What I wish to share though this article are steps to help you achieve your own version of heathy living.

Step 1: What goes into the black and the white box? What happens to the things in the grey box? The first step to make any important change in life is to acknowledge that something is wrong and you are willing to work on it. Take sometime and contemplate your lifestyle. Think about the things that are add toxicity in one’s life. Appreciate the little life hacks that make you smile. And in times of doubts ask the Google baba, ask experts, ask your peers and most of all ask yourself. Absorb all the information, sleep over it and the next day go ahead with what your guts tell you.

Step 2: Replace your unhealthy habits with the healthy ones.

We are all busy with our daily routine and making a change in that routine may prove to be a very tedious job. Therefore, the best thing to do is replace the bad with the good. I replaced my habit of excessive scrolling through Instagram by spending more time on LinkedIn. For the first few weeks set a visible reminder in the place or the situation where you tend to slip back into your past bad habits. Make a conscious effort and take charge of your own life.

Step 3: Be stubborn about your goals. We are all imperfect beings. This means that we falter and fail at times. While most would simply give up and think that ‘Reading is not going to make me Bill Gates’. But you know what? Reading will surely increase your knowledge about various subjects and open up more opportunities for you. Strength and Knowledge will lead you nowhere, if you lack the willingness and perseverance to achieve the target that you set for yourself. Be strong enough to come out of your comfort zone and strive to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

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