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Connecting the dots in New Delhi

Delhi - a city full of monuments representing the Mughals love of building

Delhi has its own beauty, full of dreamers, entrepreneurs, people who left their home and came here to survive. These people from all over India magnify the beauty of Delhi a little more. This city has its own uniqueness in everything, from monuments and temples to parks and different fairs which will leave you amazed.

I guess everyone in India wants to and should (in my opinion) visit Delhi at least once and see Capital of India. I have been to Delhi quite a few times and it’s my favorite place to travel to and I think when I get old, I would look back at Delhi as one of the most memorable places in my life. Delhi has a lot to offer, be it monuments to see, it’s diversity in people and their cultures, a lot of different places to eat what you love or be bold enough to try new dishes. It isn’t the capital of our nation without reason.

Amongst all the monuments, India Gate is my favorite one to visit and should not be left unseen. It was established by the British colonials in the memory of the soldiers who lost their lives during World War 1. It is very easy to reach India gate. I visited India Gate with my family in the month of September and the weather was really nice. I am so glad that I visited this place with my brother, it made it more memorable. We reached India gate between 5-6 pm and I think it’s the best time to visit. The sight was breath-taking while the sky was illuminated with different colors of the Indian Flag.

The entire surrounding of India Gate is covered with gardens and we enjoyed the entire evening. There are a lot of vendors selling snacks and they add to the overall beauty of India Gate. And I must say, being a foodie the bhelpuri I had there definitely deserved a shout out. It was so delicious that I can still taste it as I write. My brother was so happy as after a very long time he went out and seeing him smile filled my heart with happiness too. There were a lot of people there enjoying the evening with their family and friends and spending quality times with loved ones. it is a perfect place for a picnic.

After spending sometime in the gardens, we saw Amar Jawan Jyoti which was established on the 26th of January, 1972in the memory of martyrs of the Indo-Bangladesh war fought in the year 1971.Amar Jawan Jyoti is considered as an integral part of the India Gate. Amar Jawan Jyoti is a black pedestal with an inverted rifle covered with a black helmet on the top. A memorial dedicated to the Unknown Soldier. You can also see the names of the Indian martyrs. There were so many photographers there who kept on asking if we wanted to get our photos clicked and they were ready to offer quite a bit of discount too. I know that they are there to earn their bread and butter and are working their hardest and I respect them for that but the constant asking could get a bit uncomfortable.

Well, after refusing multiple photographers we gave in to one and I am glad that we did as the photos clicked by that photographer were quite dazzling and we look at it often with smiling faces reliving the moment. So, if anybody visits the India gate, I recommend getting your photos clicked. The background is good and so is the surrounding, so what’s stopping you??And the photo clicked at India gate was the first photo where all the family members were captured perfectly. Also unknown to us at the time, that turned out to be the last family photo which includes my brother.

After a couple of hours, we headed home. I have good memories from my visit to India gate and also this was the last trip I had with my brother so this place will always hold a special place in my life.

You can also find many more places worth visiting near India Gate. The children's park, National gallery of modern art, Banglasahib Gurudwara, Zoo, Mughal Garden (president's house; only opens in February) are some places to visit among many others. The celebrations of Republic Day are also held at India Gate every year; thus, this becomes an opportunity to go there and see the beauty of India Gate during our republic day.

For safety purposes, army personnel and police are stationed there 24x7. Accommodation is also easily available near India Gate that is in Connaught place and Karol Bagh for affordable prices.

And second place which would always be a girls’ favorite is Sarojini Nagar market. When it comes to shopping, the first thing that clicks in every girl’s mind is Sarojini Nagar. You can get clothes from high end brands at the best possible rates. If you are an expert in bargaining and have a catchy eye you can get a dress worth thousand bucks in just a few bucks for as low as rupees 50. This is the only place in my opinion where girls can come out with their pocket green.

There are multiple lanes that are famous for specific clothing, such as ‘graffiti lane’ which is famous for its varieties in formal wear. You can get each and every item in this place, from hair bands to sandals. Apart from local shops, you can also notice showrooms of different brand, accessories, home decorating items, antiques and much more.

Though it’s always crowded but the weekends are the worst. If you have ever travelled in a general coach of a train that’s what it feels like. In my experience the best day to visit SN is a Monday because it is less crowded and you could also get good prices on the Monday compared to other days.

The hype there is for Sarojini Nagar is completely true. The more you explore the more excited you get, and searching for “something better” is never-ending.

The prices are cheap, so it is obvious that you can also get used or dull clothes in the market. But still, nothing can fade the charm of Sarojini Nagar and for girls; this will always be the apple of their eye.

And here comes the last place of this article and my favorite place where you should and must go, Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah.

It was built in 1325 by Khizr Khan, the son of Allaudin Khalji and is the oldest building in the Nizamuddin area. It is located in west Delhi and thousands of people come to visit every week irrespective of the religion.

You can also find more than 100 shops selling flowers, “chadar” and incense stick outside the dargah. Shopkeepers in the lane will constantly ask you to keep your belongings in their shops and buy some stuff but it is advisable the you buy things from the shops which are close to Dargah because there is a long way to walk before you reach the dargah.

As you enter the dargah you will get to see the main shrine where there is a medieval wooden roof with calligraphy engraved. Also, there is a giant pearl at the same place inside the dargah which is also the place you give your chadar and pray to God and get blessings.

This aura is so blissful and one with heavy heart can find peace. I visited this place twice and each visit was totally unplanned. I really liked the time I have spent over there as the vibe of the place is like magic where you forget all your stress and people can indulge in their prayers.

The qawwali of this dargah is quite famous. If you want to listen to the qawwali, you must visit the dargah during the evening time. The evenings are filled with prayers and at the same time you can also feel the festive vibes inside the dargah.

The crowd and shops outside the dargah is charming and also quite catchy , you can find different rings and utensils which are hard to see in any other local market. The Biryani which I tried was also so tasty.

You must take care of your belongings over there and just try to get any scarf or dupatta while visiting the place.

Apart from that you will enjoy every minute of the dargah. It's also a must visit place.

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