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Connecting to the truth!

How often have we sensed some kind of connection between any two things that we see every day? It's a frequent possibility for most of us. Well, what do we know, it has got a name for itself known as ‘Apophenia'. It’s actually a tendency to perceive connections between unrelated things which is a pretty natural effect unless gone too wild. There also exist certain paradigms slightly disparate to this concept, such as the ‘Chaos Theory’ or ‘Butterfly effect’. So, all these fancy terms imply some sort of connection between things. Are they true? Do they have proof? These are the common questions that always strike us when we hear about them. But, why don't we hold that thought for a moment and dare to believe that they are true? Yes, let's totally trust that there is a connection between everything around us. Now, here comes another question. So what if there’s a connection? Absolutely right! Why do we have to bother about it?

It's because we’re going to use it as an opportunity to learn something very important. When it comes to learning, who is a better teacher than the one and only nature? That's correct. There is nothing in this world that could be compared to a mother's love, sacrifice and the list will never make it to an end. But there is one thing that's perfectly capable of being compared to a mother and that's nature! After all, it’s the mother of all!

Now let’s consider one of the beautiful sceneries of nature, 'the waterfalls'. What sort of connection exists between a man's life and the waterfalls? Well, with a superficial gaze, one could say that a man follows a routine everyday similar to the water falling down all the time. But, the nature never allows us to perceive something with a shallow mind. It always draws our attention in a profound manner. Likewise, here it is essential for us to look deeper.

Every drop that flows down represents each individual's birth. The entire path travelled by the drop symbolises our journey of life. Every rock the drop hits, shows the every single struggle we endure. These drops manage to continue flowing even after being hit which resembles the resilience that we portray in every circumstance. Also, these drops flourish the environment everyday by helping the plants and trees grow. And of course, we human beings extend our helping hands to each other during troubles.

So, with all that being said, what's our lesson?

It's that, for a person living his life in the above said manner similar to the waterfalls, life is a peaceful marathon where he eventually wins. But, for a person living a life in contrary to that of the waterfalls, life is a chaotic race where he ends up with failure. 

Yes! This is an indubitable truth because whenever we lead a life in parallel with the nature by following its principles, we succeed. Whereas, when we tend to deviate from that parallel path, life becomes a mess. This might appear spiritual or philosophical which usually does not attract everyone. But for those who choose to believe in nature, will definitely agree with this! So, at last the connection has played well between ourselves and nature by imparting a beautiful lesson to us.

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