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2020 in a Nutshell !

We welcome each new year with open arms. The new year brings excitement and joy, and in those moments we forget our worries and stresses and feel exhilarated like when a kid receives their favorite candy. We feel the adrenaline rushing through our veins, celebrate by dancing and singing our hearts out and greet our friends and family with love and warmth.

We were in the same state of euphoria for the coming of 2020. But what we didn’t sense was the approaching of the deadly Coronavirus that clutched the world into its vicious claws. The pandemic put our lives on hold. It forced us to bring out the worst in ourselves and crippled the world economies. Above all, it made us watch our loved ones die, as we stood helplessly witnessing them taking their last breath.

"it has restored our faith and home for better days to come and togetherness unmarred by the worry of disease..."

The pandemic brought the humankind on its knees but it couldn’t break our spirit. Sure, the virus wreaked havoc on each and everyone without any mercy but as the saying goes, every coin has two sides, and so pandemic has its own gains. It showed people that after darkness there always comes light. It restored our faith and hope for better days to come and togetherness unmarred by the worry of disease. It taught us to appreciate our life and brought our loved ones closer. It made us stand together and support each other.

Concurrently, it also showed us what it means to be true human beings.

We all accept that the year 2020 was full of bitter-sweet memories. It made us cry and laugh simultaneously and at the same time we realized that, unity can destroy every evil that comes our way or stands in our way. The arrival of 2021 brings new hope and we look forward to the oncoming challenges and opportunities.

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