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Down the memory lane...

Given the chance to write about my favourite Vahani memory, I as always being a confused soul, wonder which one to choose and write about. Every moment spent with Vahani which has now become a fond memory has its own kind of magic stored in it. I mean, I doubt if it’s even possible to choose one. To confront and solve this dilemma, I decided to travel backwards in time. No not to say that I have a time machine or some super power but I have a smartphone which is full of snaps of such beautiful memories.

While scrolling down the memory lane

of my phone gallery, strings of beautiful moments captured through the lens of my eye-phone (HeHehehe) and saved forever into my memory device called heart opened up. A million feelings, a thousand thoughts, a hundred memories, and just one blog post. Unfair right? Ok…ok I wouldn’t crib about it and be grateful instead. I feel that sometimes a short walk down the memory lane is all it takes to appreciate where you are today. 'Memories bring back memories bring back you'…yeah that’s the song playing in the background while I relish and re-live each memory.

I must admit that though no combination of words could perfectly describe my treasure of memories made at Vahani but still I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on some memories I hold close to my heart. Hey look! What I found...a picture of my sister and me standing in green lushes of Chattarpur farms. Yes...I went there for my Vahani interview. I still remember how excited I was because Vahani gave me wings to fly away from my town for the first time. It gave me a hope to achieve all I ever wanted to achieve.

Awww...this snap brings ins

tant smiles to me. It is a screenshot of Vahani family chat shared by my peer mentor. I loved the way Vahani was celebrating my board result success by sending lovely congratulations and well wishes messages. I already felt so welcomed into the family even before officially becoming its part. Next in queue we have a bundle of memories which I created during all the Vahani meets and amazing workshops. Each session added a little more wisdom, courage and confidence to my personality. I think this part will require another blog post to elaborate.

So let's move to the next which is one of the sweetest gestures I have experienced. Let me re-create the scene for you all. It was my birthday and I was still a fresher at college. I saw a girl came running towards me through the corridor with a chocolate in her hand. She hugged and wished me ‘happy birthday’. Only later I realized that she was my senior both at Vahani and college. This made me feel so special that I could never forget this memory.

Not to forget all the fun outings with Mariya ma’am. She took me to all sorts of places I could only imagine visiting. But the most memorable visits have been to the parliament and Republic day parade (with all its blunders obviously…I mean despite having the VIP passes, we couldn’t watch the parade but had an amazing day with last minute plans).

Hey! The limited space forces me to close my ‘yaadon ka pitaara’. I end by expressing that sometimes I sit and think of all the memories I have made and smile. Then I smile even more at the thought of memories yet to be made.

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