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Embrace your flaws!

This blog is really special to me. Do you know why? It’s because I am talking to

myself via talking to you. And why is that? The reason is that I hadn’t given enough time for

myself in the course of my routine life. This happens to most of us, doesn’t it?

Every time we come across an obstacle, either we tend to give up where we’re

called torn losers or try harder to overcome such a barrier where we’re celebrated winners.

But something doesn’t sound right about all these things, does it? Yes, think about it! I’m

pretty sure everyone of us have had this exact scenario in some days of our lives. And how

many have had these questions, ‘Why me? Why did it happen now? Why does luck elude me

all the time?’ We never get answers for these questions. The next time when we’ve to face

another hurdle, we end up with these questions again. It’s due to our unintended reluctance to

understand the true purpose of what has befallen over us.

Here comes the need to perceive that whether we give up or face any challenge,

we’ve to look into our own selves during those times. Certain circumstances make us angry,

some make us sad, depressed while some others make us feel helpless, demotivated and

hopeless. These are the times where people try to pick up the courage to overcome these

situations where they actually run away from them which does not yield a permanent

solution. Then, what does…?

We must learn to appreciate our anger, apprehension, sorrow, stress and impatience.


It’s because these are the helping tools which enable us to introspect ourselves which

we would have never considered otherwise to do so. Imagine if these emotions hadn’t broken

the armour and overflown out of us, would we have ever realized what we’re capable of?

Yes…Right there! That’s the reason why everything happens. When one realizes this truth,

all the complaints and hopelessness possessed by that person disappear once and for all.

Therefore, it’s indubitable that it is as important to appreciate our flaws as we

appreciate our strengths. Running away from anything will not be the perfect solution.

Instead, appreciating ourselves in every moment, be it happy or sad, success or failure, is the

only way we could embrace our beautiful lives on Earth.

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