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Favourite Vahani Programme

When the conversation turns up about VAHANI and VAHANI Programmes, it’s definitely going to be an unending conversation with numerous thoughts and views pouring in. All expressing the beauty and the creativity of the programmes. Vahani runs various programmes that help in overall development of the scholar such as Computer Literacy Programme, Mentorship Programme etc. Of which Communication English Programme being my favourite and Rounak Sir with all other members being our stars.

English as a language of communication in day to day lives as well as in corporate needs no introduction. We all know how important it is as well as the consequences of not being able to deliver our thoughts through effective communication. With the motive of improving our speaking, writing as well as creativity, they started this programme. It was structured nicely by sir along with the whole team. Each session/activity was accurately planned each having a particular motto.

Majority of the activities were sent on WhatsApp such as grammar exercises, sharing reflections on various subjects. The grammar exercises used to take hardly five minutes of the time. Many would use their travelling time while solving it. They were based on simple grammar topics. Topics which we may know, we may have idea about, but these are the areas where we perform majority of the mistakes in. The questions would temp us to select the incorrect option, then make us realise and rectify from onwards. It was fun solving small simple, crispy exercises with a lot to improve in.

Another activity, ‘Meme Making’ was the one with maximum audiences. We were provided with a template and were asked to make memes upon. There used to be no limit over the number of responses submitted and the chat box used to get flooded with the creativity, humour, thinking skills and a lot of giggles. Many of them being on Rounak Sir and the English classes. Along with it we used to have current affairs segment where a scholar would get a chance to highlight all the important events that took in the week nationally as well as internationally. Believe me; some of the scholars were too good at it. They seemed trained news anchors. It helped us to be aware of the events happening around us. We also had two reading assignments this year. The texts were carefully selected by the team as it wasn’t just a source of reading material but also served as the purpose of imparting much essential information, elements of communication which we should be aware of and keep in mind while communicating.

My favourite activity throughout the session was image captioning. Here we used to get an image of any particular instant and we had to caption them as per our inference from the image. I was always eager to read people’s thought over different topics. It always served me with lots of takeaways and learnings.

Even that the first year programme is just ending, while recalling it I’ll always remember all the small inputs we use to put in on a regular basis which definitely is bringing a huge impact in all our’s confidence level as well as public speaking skills. I’ll remember the zoom meeting which we had wherein we got to know that even the things which we find useless may have many utility values. I’ll remember all the funny moments which we had during the activities. And for all of this I’ll always be grateful to the team for conducting such a smooth session which helped us improve a lot. Special thanks to Rounak Sir for putting so much effort for us.

Now that the results are declared, we all move into the second year and hope a wonderful journey ahead.

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