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From dreams to reality-Navigating my path to achieve my dream

Many of you dreamt of something and become something, whereas some don’t have a clarity what to be, it’s may be due to their circumstances or they loved being in many of the professions. I know many of us have very different experience achieving their dreams. I know I have still not yet achieved my goal but I have taken steps towards it, so I am here share about this. I am one among them who had no clarity what to be, but now having clarity what to be and may change as changes are common in life. Some need someone who needs to be pushed by someone or circumstance pushes someone to be what they want.

As Abdul Kalam said dream is not which you see while sleeping, its something which doesn’t let you sleep and I completely agree to it, maybe it’s because I daily imagine myself in a very high position and me seeing respect towards me in their eyes which we earn for the lifetime and which doesn’t let me stop from what I want to achieve and many times when I used to get tired and I would imagine myself and I would get up and work for my dream college, that’s NIT Surathkal or IIT Bombay. I am sad to inform you that I couldn’t get into that but I getting into a good college through KCET.I had a great loss of losing my father when I was in my 9 grade and always feared of what would my mother do alone, that is when I started to search for the scholarships but I couldn’t find many as I was in a residential school and wrote NTSE in my 10th grade but couldn’t make it may be it’s the effect of lockdown. I was little bit less worried for next 2 years as I would stay in JNV and there would be a less tension of my educational expenses. In this duration I found out about vahani scholarship which I felt like it’s made for me and it has many facilities and support me in many of undergraduate programs for which I would be grateful for them forever and thank you so much for this great opportunity. And during this period I was school captain from which I got to introduced to many of my skills and my leadership qualities. My mother was so happy to see me as a school leader and I used to see my mother saying proudly that my daughter is a school captain and she is the Topper of her class. My mother always says she wants to see me as a civil servant and for her satisfaction and as well as my wish I would definitely give a try for it and listening stories of some great officers, I wished to become like them. In my 11 and 12 grade we couldn’t have proper class due to punishment given to the whole class and due to lockdown from which we were at a great loss, but I still studied by myself and I covered 11 grade syllabus which were easy and could be studied on ourselves and I am proud of myself to whichever college I get into because I know I have worked hard for my dream. In my life I have always seen my suffering a lot may its due to some family issues or may be other and couldn’t live a good life, so I want to make sure she is happy and proud of me.

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