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From Dreams to Reality: Navigating the Path to Achieving My Goals

As I reminisce about that day, I am reminded of my grandfather's words of wisdom that

have become a legacy in our family. It was a day as dark as a plum, with a glittery coat

over it, as drops poured out of our eyes, reflecting the pain of losing him. In his final

moments, he told my father to embrace everything - the uncertainty, the fear of change,

the growth, the challenges, and the excitement - for it all has a reason to lead us to who

we are destined to become. Those words reminded me that my journey is a testament

to the power of having and pursuing a dream with everything i've got.

 From dreams to reality - a phrase that encapsulates the journey of achieving one's

goals, one's whole life happening, though I am yet to live this phrase. My eighteen years

have given me a glimpse of how dreams come to reality. A girl born on the dusty old

streets of Prayagraj dared to step out of her society when she was just ten. Today, being

that girl, I appreciate my decision, which proved to be a turning point in my life and a

step towards fulfilling my dreams. In my quest to seek closure, I used the only resource

I had in abundance- my intellect. My desire to grow inspired me to unearth answers

from countless books and scout for opportunities that would help me carve an identity

for myself. That opportunity awakened when I got selected into Vidyagyan, the pedestal

institution that broadened my horizon and aroused a sense of responsibility. Vidyagyan

opened new doors for me, and it soon became my home away from home. Living in a

residential school, I became independent and flexible to changes.

   While I had everything I needed at Vidyagyan, I did not lose sight of my goals. I kept

looking for opportunities to become that beacon of inspiration, to become a role model

that I never had. Someone that thousands of prodigious girls back home could look up

to. Someone who could rekindle their fire of aspirations no matter how far-fetched their

ambitions might be. Someone who could enlighten them with the bliss of dreams. I

could achieve what I dreamt of by being the first girl in my village to be admitted into a

prestigious university like Delhi University for further studies. In addition, as a scholar of

the Vahani Foundation, I have alleviated the financial burden that my family could have,

allowing me to pursue my studies without interruption. Today, sitting in the corner of my

university's library, I feel so grateful for my life, which has been capable enough to

accept all my dreams into reality, and these words are waiting to get upgraded into the

next five years. I have always believed that. When we walk to the edge of all the light

we have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, we must believe that

one or two things will happen. There will be something solid for us to stand upon, or we

will be taught to fly.

I am excited to embrace all the challenges that come my way and persevere through

hard work. I aim to constantly improve myself to become the best version of myself and

make my aspirations a reality.From a girl with dreams, I aspire to be a woman with


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