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How to deal with distractions 101?

Let’s be honest: We all struggle with distractions to some degree. What do you think a person would look like today if he is sitting in a cafe having a coffee with no one else around them? Somewhat like this picture in the below right?

Distractions can take many forms, including our phones, computers, friends, or our own thoughts. But how do we combat the gravity of these distractions, remains a question mark ?

Here are the few things which compete for my attention:

  • Mobile, specially the Social media

  • My own thoughts

  • Surfing the internet for meaning while studying

Here are few things which I do to keep myself on track!

No matter however hard I make up my mind to limit mobile usage, at the end of the day I’m tied to it. My fingers never stop scrolling over social media.

First piece of work I would do is to turn off the notifications which would otherwise pop-up on my screen & drag me inside. This keeps me off the temptation to check my phone frequently. Next thing to do is to switch off the mobile & keep it away from my study table for atleast two dedicated hours & commit myself to do nothing but study.

Each time a thought strikes, I would grab a sheet of paper & write down every ‘teasing’ thought that prompted me off my work. The moment the mind sees it “In Writing,” the less distracted it gets. As the saying goes, “When the Why is clear, the How is easy”. Just have to find the answer to “Why” and the brain will respond you with “How”. Decide the goals and tell the brain how important that is to you. Give the brain a reminder every now and then. Once the brain understands this, which it always does, the next thing the brain does is, it starts to remind you the same when you are wasting time. Human brain works on the daily training. You just have to give it a regular thought of “WHY” , and it will do the remaining stuff.

Although the Internet is an invaluable resource containing more knowledge and information than any other thing to ever exist, it doesn’t fail to distract me. The key is to restrict the usage of other apps by keeping the phone in focus mode or in donot disturb mode.

These are the few things which helps me in distracting my distractions. Moreover, the most important thing is to keep oneself determined!

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