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I visited the capital!

The capital of India brimming with a lot of historical monuments which enrich our heritage sharply. Which attract people in huge. I was just to enticed it as everyone. In last December I visited this true amazement first time in my life. And the experience was too wonderful. The India Gate one of the most attractive place among all which attracts world wide people towards it and Delhi also seems embracing all with its beautiful charms. In the evening all gathers together enjoy the surroundings and take a free breath after a long hustle bustle day. The Qutub Miner one of the most famous place in Delhi, made up of red sandstone and marble, everyone must visit this place once in the entire life. The iron pillar in the courtyard bears an inscription in Sanskrit in Brahmi script of fourth century. It is really an eye catching construction attracts our attention a lot. Another important monument is Red Fort erected by Shah Jahan. It is also a popular tourist attraction.

At night it shows various ancient stories of India by light shedding to its building. Lotus Temple is another tourist attraction place in Delhi which is visited by world wide tourist by its peaceful glory and splendid architecture. The building is in the shape of lotus flower. Its peaceable structure grab every visitors attention. Everyone must look over this place once. Delhi is such a place which we cannot express through our languages or words as the first time visitor of this capital it just touch my soul. Jama Mosque is a very old mosque in Delhi near Chandni Chowk which is very sacred religious place in India. The Old Fort, Humayun s Tomb these are also a visiting place in Delhi at the same time. This is also a large economic progressive place in India. The most famous or popular markets are Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar which are most demanding place for both Indians and Foreigners for its both national and international brand.

With so much crowd where there is no place for step ,Delhi will definitely attract the attention of the people who love the unprecedented items. Delhi has such a wealthy history and incredible architecture attracts people again and again. I cannot forget the impressive moments spent in the capital I really enjoyed a lot to visit Delhi and I request everyone must look over the place.

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