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Man in a skirt!

He says he has a skirt, the world says that’s not yours, that makes you ugly. You’ll be treated as an animal, they will snatch your rights, choices, you’ll be questioned on unquestionable gender. But he chooses to beautify himself with that skirt, to gift himself new choices.

‘He is a man of words’, giving us the opportunity to think differently, act differently.  When he wears differently”.

The topic “A man in a skirt” may annoy us, how can a man be in a skirt? and the reason for our criticism can be, “today clothes too have got genders”. Let’s make it simpler, it is as basic as “A boy should play with a car, and a girl should play with a doll”. However, question arises, who made this compulsory? Of course, No one! but still we follow unnecessary norms that society has made for us on the basis of our gender, ranging from our clothes, choices, works, toys, habits, and hobbies that we have.

When one breaks the ice, people call that as an ‘Insane’, practicing ‘Insanity’. You see when we are born, we are dressed up with all kind of clothes, ornaments that our mom purchases for us. But as we grow up, we know ultimately bike relates to a boy and mostly scooty relates to a girl.

Once in a blue moon, what if we see a man wearing skirt in public, we are almost shocked, thinking “What a peculiar person we have came across, having such an illogical sense of dressing”. Have we ever thought, what’s wrong in that, we need to question back to ourselves? Instead of criticizing a man for his odd choices and ruining the culture of the society, why don’t we praise him for his courage that he has come up with a new fashion trend.

As we criticize a man wearing skirts, think about LGBT people, logically we should criticize them as well. They express their freedom into clothes including Indian traditional saarees, Indian kurtas, traditional lehngas, beautiful ornaments. These clothes are the reasons for their beautiful smiles, pride, joy, their culture, and finally for their existence. At times we become judgmental that we start judging a person by clothes. So let the truth be told, a man wearing skirt, putting Bindi is not someone with ugly character.

We have prominent people, like “ Laxmi Narayan Tripathi” she is a social activist of LGBT community, another in the counting is ‘Daniel Mendonca”, she is also a LGBT social activist, how pure they are into their work. Even after facing a lot of criticism for their identity, going through both mental and physical torcher, harassed sexually, getting into painful professions, having no choices, instead they came out as warriors. Fighting for their community, overall, fighting to gift people of their community “Choices of life”.

We can be judgmental, but why not to try this to ourselves. How do we think? Are we thinking correctly? Who are we to criticize people on their choices? Are we afraid to become odd in the group? If we are, then we are ‘coward’, we aren’t responsible for our own existence. We are just following what has already existed including conservatism, domination, patriarchy and many more.

Leadership speaks of creativity, fairness, management, so if we are leaders, we need to hold control over our emotions, mind and soul. We need not to be influenced by what we have been hearing. We should create our own definition of what’s right and what’s wrong. Definitely we will win over all odds. However, there is nothing odd in life rather it’s always ‘Different’ and ‘Unique’.

Having deeper understanding of ourselves and others choices, take a charge of own self and


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