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Motivate yourselves today & Inspire others tomorrow

Firstly, we ought to find the right goal. Here ‘right’ means a goal that would wake us up every morning, something that would enhance the purpose of our lives, and something that would make us feel happy. This first step is of utmost importance because once this is not right, no matter how much we try, our efforts will suffer to bear their significance, and the path to our goals gets startled frequently which is primarily responsible for our lack of motivation. So, it is okay to take some time to find our goals, and the moment we’ve done that, we could actually feel the strong foundation we’ve laid for our future. Now, the successive steps define the path to our goal.

Every step we move forward is not going to be a piece of cake. Whenever we face hurdles, we tend to struggle in our minds, lose motivation, and sometimes even get deviated from our path. This is the time we’ve to remember who we are, what we want to achieve, and boldly take the next step (even if it is small, it becomes significant). Nobody likes this part but this is the one that makes the journey beautiful and worthwhile. Anyway, during this part of our life, what and what not to do are the crucial things to be known.

Some of the things we could do are as follows:

Talk to people we trust and who inspire us. This is because at times a problem seems to be big when it’s in our minds and when we talk about it, we could realize that there is no problem without a solution. The people we trust and feel comfortable with could also give us some pep talk which would rejuvenate our thoughts and actions.

Also, we could do something like a hobby that makes us feel relaxed. This enables us to work on things different from our routine which makes our minds fresh and experience new things.

What not to do:

We should not involve ourselves in anything that would pull us down or shake the foundation

we’ve laid for ourselves or something that would alter our real inner selves. Any action which leads to the above said things should be strictly avoided.

How to do:

Knowing what and what not to do becomes fruitful only when we carry out things in an

effective manner. So, knowing how to do is also equally important which is simple considering the matter at hand. Whatever we do, our vision, mission, and our responsibilities in our own lives must be laid before us to focus on, not as a burden but as a gentle reminder for us to stay motivated!

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