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My favorite and the most memorable memory at Vahani.

Whenever I think of Vahani the first thing that comes to my mind is a family with whom I have

countless memories and shared infinite love. Vahani has added so many experiences in my life which has helped me to become a better, responsible and productive version of myself.

After being exposed to the Vahani , I have learnt so much from the mentors, I can notice the enhancement in my skills and confidence. Thanks to the efforts of Vahani Scholarship who always tried to push me hard towards success because of which I could dare to dream of a better future The Vahani Team has been doing their best to improve the personal and professional values in their scholars by organizing different activities and programs such as essay writing competition, advance excel workshop, outdoor exposure to build leadership skills and team working and management.

With all this fun and learning my best memory of Vahani goes to Ice Skating.

So here I am going to share the memory which always brings a big smile on my face “ICE SKATING “ It was my first time. I was not sure whether I could skate or not and also watching those newbies falling apart again and again was really holding me back.

But deep down I was quite excited as I was about to add one more thrilling and maybe funny new experience in my life.

There were endless thoughts in my mind before I started, I don't know how to do it, it seems

difficult, what if I fall and my head gets hurt or what if I break my leg but then I prepared myself mentally and diverted my mind on how should I start . I was curious about this new skill and giving it a try so I gathered courage and entered the rink.

Well, initially there was no skating as I was standing straight and blocking the way for others.

I was not enjoying standing there but the moment I tried to skate, I was slipping down over and over. It was not that easy.

And also, it was quite embarrassing as 8–9 years old children and my all friends were skating around confidently and I was hardly either walking with the support of railings or falling.

But huh I was giving my best shot or you can say I was stuck in the loop of standing, trying and falling.

Although I was not doing very well, but that cheerful time with everyone where some of my friends were trying their best to help others, some of my friends were falling, some of them were laughing and slipping away. Those ecstatic faces are unforgettable.

And here comes the actual and correct learning as there were also a group of guiders (my talented Vahani friends) inside the rink who helped me and gave me some techniques which helped me while skating .

And at last after several failed attempts eventually I managed to skate without the help of a railing and all the credit goes to my Vahani friends who are always there to boost my confidence and for helping me to learn new thing.

I tried hard so that I could learn how to skate although at the end of the day I was not skating

efficiently but I added one more memory in my life and gained a lot during that time like how we can observe others and learn from the same, how a good team will help you out to overcome the obstacle and succeed in the end.

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