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My Favourite Vahani Programme

It’s not been a very long time that I have been a part of the Vahani family, so there are still other programmes for me to explore. Let me start with telling you how it all started. You may think that it all started with the WhatsApp activities, but I will say it started with the winter workshop itself on December 18,2022 with the very first activity Rounak Sir introduced us which was to ‘act it out’ a story based on a certain character. I truly enjoyed my role of ninja because in the name of ninjas I only knew ‘Ninja Hattori’ and it’s ‘ding-ding’. Isn’t it funny how we just drafted a script for the play and act it out in front of all the new faces? But I guess that’s how we got to know each other better. I still feel the fun and excitement of the workshop. So, now moving on to the topic I think till now everyone must have guessed, of which Vahani programme I am talking about, Right? It’s the English Programme. Because I feel that learning should be based on fun activities not just the boring method of studying. And through this programme, I truly enjoyed all the activities and the unique ways of Rounak Sir from making us revise grammar rules to keeping us updated with the news of the world by the current affair segment. The funniest thing out of all was memes segment and not to forget Rounak sir’s reactions.

We did quite a few interesting activities on our group. Not to forget the current affair segment. I got my chance in the second week after we started this activity. To be honest, I was very nervous for this because I am not a person who reads news every day. So, it was quite a task for me to collect the news. Plus, I do feel that for some particular days that we get mostly we feel like we don’t have much things happening in the world around us. Or maybe it was just me that felt that nothing special had happened except just a few topics in that week. So, indeed it was quite challenging for me. Then came the video shooting part but that was great actually. And the remarks that I got from sir made me felt that it was all worth it. Then from the third week, we saw some amazingly edited videos of the scholars for this segment like they were news reporters actually. It was actually amazing to see all of my batch mates. Not to forget our reading assignments. Both the texts that we had to read out were quite helpful too. Practicing them again and again before recording actually helped me in getting familiar with new words and correcting my pronunciation of few words.

We had other session with sir like the interactive session in which I saw the least expected things of all, that is the ‘ONE KEEPER, TWO CATS’ segment. That was a fun part. Never have I ever imagined that I will be competing with someone to purchase a thing like banana peel. Strange, isn’t it? I found that very funny but at the same time it helped me to critically think over a thing that has no such use in my life. We purchased and sold a half-eaten apple with a world map on that, a banana peel, a normal leaf and a few more things. Sir showed us a video in which a kid was very different from the other children. He had wings which to be honest if I had, maybe I would be very happy, but the society treated him bad. So, our task was to give the first five words that came to our mind after watching that. It was indeed great to see how different people can have different opinions on the same thing. I realized that we had so much different point of views and all were very special among themselves. Now, with a test our 1st year programme has ended successfully and I was very happy with the results too.

At last, I would say that we learnt new things in this first year and I am really excited for the next year programme too.

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