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Scholarships make Dreams come True

Scholarships allow students to achieve academic and career goals by eliminating financial problems . Whether you are starting your career or you are studying, receiving a scholarship is a big achievement. Today, I am going to talk about how much a scholarship can impact a student who belongs to a poor family.

We know how much the matter of money does impact a student when they take their steps towards graduation, because the student who relates from a wealthy family can easily afford the fees of college but the student who belongs to a poor family, has to suffer a lot to complete his / her graduation. A college student also has to go through with food and travel costs. They are forced by these kinds of problems to do a part-time job and manage studies at the same time. Many students are compelled to choose open learning because of these problems. These problems divert their attention from studies. Not only because they have to do part-time jobs but they also have to focus on their jobs when their working hours end. Because we know that whatever we are doing we want to make it as better as we can. Some of them have to choose to take a loan to complete their education. But then they have to pay the high interest of a loan. It becomes so difficult for a student of a poor family to pay the fees of a government college that he can never even think of taking admission into a private college.

At this stage of life, scholarship works like giving a new life to the student. Scholarship impact can go from reducing the financial burden of rising costs of a college education to allowing students to find more time and energy to focus on studies rather than a part-time job. Because through that scholarship not only he not need to worry so much about fees. He can attend college regularly. Now, he can even get admission into his dream college, no matter how expensive and far away it is. Also, some scholarship provides more facilities than paying school/college fees, such as PG/Hostel rent, WIFI, computer/Laptop, guidance, workshops, placements, making communication skill, personality development, and miscellaneous expenses with a wide range of career options and innumerable job prospects. It is very beneficial for a student in his career. With a lot of opportunities and a wide range of career options, the future of a student can be very bright.

Scholarships have a personality impact as well. On a personal level, a scholarship can reinforce your self-confidence and give you greater power of resilience It also has an employment impact. Having a few scholarships on the resume can make a big difference with a potential employer. Employers who understand the competitive nature of the scholarship will recognise it as an accomplishment.The point that a scholarship has a life-changing impact on a student's life can also be seen in some examples:- There are many people in the country including Kiran Bedi, Montek Singh, Ahluwalia, Girish Karnad, and Shyam Benegal who made their dreams come true by winning different scholarships in their lives.Some world celebrities who went on to achieve their dream education by winning certain scholarships include Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Denzel Washington, Edward Hubble, and Stephenie Meyer.The first president of India Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had come from a poor family background. He also worked hard to secure a scholarship to pursue Aerospace Engineering from the Madras Institute of Technology. That's how his life was transformed to become the missile man of India in his later stage of life.

From the given examples mentioned above we can see that a scholarship can create a huge difference in the life of the child and give wings to their dreams. Scholarship gives the liberty to explore the field he / she wants to excel .

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