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Senses that you need to sense

Let us jog our memory for a moment. How many times have we skipped our breakfast in a hurry to go to work? How many times have we found ourselves too lazy to exercise in the morning? But once we are sick and the doctor asks us to do the exact same things that we’ve been deliberately ignoring for a long time, then what happens? Exactly! We have no other way but to follow them. It is 2021 and here we are in a certainly similar situation where we have just one option, ‘to acclimate ourselves to a healthy lifestyle’.

"How many times have we skipped our breakfast in a hurry to go to work? How many times have we found ourselves too lazy to exercise in the morning?"

So, how do we do it? That’s a valid question and keep reading to discern the answer. Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue and Skin...What are these? Yes, these are the five sensory organs of our body. Well, they are also the five inputs to our body. So, it all depends on what do we feed into them to keep ourselves healthy. Now, let us reflect upon the following.


Always look for things which make you peaceful and happy. This also means to see good in everything. Be positive and spread positivity. Once we start doing these things, our mind attains peace, our thoughts get organized and we’ll lead a life filled with harmony.


Every day we listen to people, music, news and oops...sometimes gossip too. But most of us may not realize the truth that a huge impact is created in our brain which ultimately affects our behavior and thought process. You could experiment this yourself by analyzing your behavior after continuously hearing things which involve violence, distress and pain. It definitely alters your actions in a poor manner. So, let us always hear the right things which help us conduct our ways of lives in a fine manner.


This is so simple to understand. Imagine you smell something very good the first thing in the morning, you obviously have a pleasant state of mind for the rest of the day. On the contrary, if you get to smell something very bad the moment you wake up, then what happens? That is it. Your mood for the day goes down right away. Hence, it is certain that our mood gets affected by what we smell thereby guiding us to maintain a hygienic and fragrant environment.


You could point out to people who are independent and do not rely on anything

or anyone. But it is axiomatic that you could show no one who is not a slave of his own tongue. I bet you’ll agree with me. So, here comes a compromise to be made in order to be healthy. Let us make use of the never ending resources provided by the nature and stay in the pink forever. ‘What you dine makes you fine’. There’s an interesting thing about the tongue is that it has another function- to speak! Thus, along with the input, the output also matters when our tongue is considered. Let us never forget, ‘What we speak builds our 'peak’.


Skin constitutes the largest portion of our body. Hence, if we aim to develop a healthy lifestyle, then it is inevitable for us to focus on our skin. Regular physical activity plays a vital role here. This is because by doing exercise and yoga, our skin gets nourished with oxygen and essential antibodies thereby protecting and enhancing the underlying muscle tissues

and organ systems. Therefore, let us see, hear, smell, taste & speak and feel the right things to live a sound and healthy life.

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