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Summer Workshop Euphoria

Vahani Summer Workshop 2022 – a much awaited and euphoric event at Hyatt Palace hotel in Gurugram city. I'm so overwhelmed that I don't know exactly from where to began with. The workshop in itself was so diverse , entertaining and a opportunity to learn and unlearn a lot. The event was fill of zeal and enthusiasm among all the scholars, Vahani team members and Vahani board members. Being from the recent batch of 2021, we got to meet all our senior scholars and Vahani board members for the first time.

On the Day -1 of the workshop we had Panel Discussion on “Life changing opportunities” with Chandni Di (founder of Voice of slums), Dr. Nikhil Modi (critical care medicine and pulmonologist at Inderprastha Apollo hospital) and Mr. Anirudh Gupta (co founder of climes). The discussion was very insightful and it made me realise that financial condition along with health and environment are 3 important poles of the society and imbalance in them can make the mankind to enter a never ending vicious cycle of poverty.

After the panel discussion the scholars from the batch of 2021 gave their introduction and then we had some cultural performances by the scholars and we interacted with our chairperson Ms. Reeva Misra and ofcourse! Everyone danced by the end of the session. In the evening we had graduation dinner for the recent graduates and alumni.

The Day -2 was equally full of enthusiasm among everyone. The day begins with an activity conducted by Ms. Reeva Misra called “Miracle Morning”. The students made posters regarding their future goals and plans to achieve those targets and the posters were very creative and thoughtful. Lastly we went to Smaash Arcade Station for bowling ,go karting and air hockey. After that all the scholars danced like there is no tomorrow! Everyone was enjoying each other’s company . At the Smaash we celebrated birthday of two scholars, indeed it was moment of joy for all and these are some of the reasons that Vahani always feels like a family, the warmth,the love and affection that we receive at Vahani is no less than a family.

I had another special memory from the workshop that I got a golden opportunity to interview our very own chairperson Ms. Reeva Misra Mam , which I’m always going to cherish. Initially I was very much nervous before the interview but Reeva Mam and the whole Vahani team were so supportive and encouraging that boosted my confidence. At the workshop I had experienced a lot of “firsts” like first time stay in a hotel like Hyatt Palace, first meet with the Vahani Board Members, first time interacting with so many new people and mentors.

To conclude, I would say the exposure that Vahani’s workshop gave was amazing. Interactions with the adult mentors, scholars which boosts up your confidence and gives guidence along with having lots of fun is such a beautiful combination that makes Vahani more special to us. Obviously! bidding good bye at the end feels a little sad but we left to our respective places with the hope of meeting again in the winter meet. Till then b-bye!

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