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The Book of Books !

"Thirukural is the book which has not only made me a reader but also a wholesome person."

There is always a social message or a moral or an inspiration bound with every book. Sometimes, a book conveys more than one such value. But can you name a book which encompasses all the possible ethics in the universe that one could learn?

Well, I can! I call it as ‘The book of books’ and I’ll tell you why with a plausible explanation. ‘Thirukural’ – The Tamil book consists of 1330 couplets (kural) under 133 subdivisions (adhigaram) and you will be surprised to know that it is considered as the most widely translated non-religious works in the world.

Now, let me state some mind-blowing values from my favorite book. Kural no. 645 says one should deliver his speech in such a way that no letter/word/sentence of his own could be replaced by others. So, this kural serves as a perfect guide for those who wish to express their thoughts in an eloquent manner. Can you believe that it has been more than 2000 years since the origination of Thirukural? Yes! It’s exhilarating that it still stands appropriate for people from all walks of life and conducive to their different kinds of circumstances.

It emphasizes values which remain unchanged by time. Apart from being an exemplar of a perfect book, Thirukural has also made me realize that no matter what book I read, I should make sure to correctly understand and capture the true notion conveyed by the book. Kural no. 355 paints a picture of this point by saying that one must try to perceive the true essence from whatever kind of thing he intends to learn. Hence I feel proud to say that Thirukural is the book which has not only made me a reader but also a wholesome person.

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