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The Girl on the Train

After taking divorce with her husband, Rachel lives with her friend. Rachel travels in the same

Train every morning just to pretend like she is working. She watches a couple every

time . When the train stops at the same signal every day. One day Rachel finds out missing

girl from the newspaper was one who Rachel watches every day. Rachel went to meet

someone who lives on the same area where the girl lives on the same night when the girl

went missing now Rachel was not just the girl on the train….

The girl on the train was written by Paula Hawkins. She worked as a journalist before she

Started to write. The girl on the train was her debut fiction which become best seller.

We will hate Rachel, the protagonist of the story, more than any other character. Still,

Author made us travel with Rachel. The story was narrated by three different women


This book was so thrilling and unpredictable. I could not able to put it down. I will highly

Recommend this book to who loves psychological thrillers. Enjoyed reading the murder crime thriller. Make your weekend more thrilling by reading this book…..

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