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The power of Self-Care. How prioritising my well-being transformed my life.

I woke up early today but my hands did not look for the cell-phone. I did not feel the ick to

check for messages or LinkedIn posts that I once scrolled mindlessly to search for a particular

“niche” that fits me only to later find myself lost in that unending algorithmic loop. For some

reason, I rather went to the balcony and immersed myself into the calmness of morning breeze, sweetness of birds singing, beauty of rustling leaves and trees dancing in tune with them. This transformation did not happen overnight, but took long to fit in my circadian rhythm.

Mind me, the secret concoction did not require the elaborate 12-step routine but a single step- self-care regime. Remember, less is always more. It is no surprise that we all are running with the clock in today’s fast paced world and even more so due to revolutionary era of Artificial Intelligence which has took control of our lives and programmed us to work in an “autopilot mode”. Not only this, it has even infected our whole mechanism through well-established virus called cell phones)-Well -known pandemic, still waiting to be recognized by WHO. Not a matter of joke actually because nutritionists are still working to devise the most effective radiation-free diet.

The current definition of pathogen therefore should not only be limited to bacteria and virus

but should also include overthinking, low self-esteem, social-comparison and its several other sub-forms”. In these moments of self-doubt and uncertainties, the only antidote that worked for me to eliminate these path

ogens is my consistent self-care regime. By just simply reiterating the last two lines of a poem by Robert Frost makes me realize my unique journey and embrace the life choices I have made without regret and consistently pursue it with confidence. The poem reads:

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and

I took the ones less travelled by"

And that has made all the difference I generally read when I feel down and when I could not find a good one, my human library always has my back in whose companionship, I find the same comfort and solace that a good book would have given me. For my daily routine, I have my 5-min journal to set me up for the day and shatter my self-limiting beliefs. I also have a habit of practicing mindfulness, focus on giving undivided attention for 5-minutes straight that aligns my energy in a positive direction.

Fast-forward to today ,this religiousness in my daily routine has deepened my self-assurance

and fortified my convictions, kindling an enduring inner flame that continues to shine brightly.

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