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The Power of Self-Care: How prioritising my well being transformed my life.

Senior year is a big deal, with all the exams, school stuff, and feeling like we have to be perfect. It can get pretty overwhelming. But I found out something that helped me: self-care. So as we all know that senior year is super stressful. There's so much pressure to do well in exams and get into a good college. I felt like I was lacking in the syllabus, it felt that there was a tower of books that I haven't gone through, lots of assignments that felt like I will spend all my time doing that, and stress even though you don't admit it is always present in a student however how well anyone does. It was tough on my body and mind, and I knew I had to change something. Once in 8th standard I had so much work postponed that I felt like I couldn't take it anymore and was in a miserable state but I knew that anyway I must get going. After all that hardship I realized that I was too hard on myself and one of my friends explained to me that I can't do well if I don't take care of myself. Self-care isn't being selfish; it's like giving yourself a little love. He showed me the way to do things like:

1. Manage Time:

I learned to plan my study time better. I made schedules that had breaks, so I wasn't studying non-stop. We can also try the pomodoro technique in which one studies or works for 25 minutes and takes a break for 5 minutes that would be called one pomodoro and after 4 pomodoro one should take a break of 15 minutes. In the break we should drink water, listen to music and maybe stretch a little bit.

2. Exercise and Eat Right:

Regular exercise and eating good, healthy food. It helped me feel more energetic and alert.

3. Calm Down:

I tried things like taking deep breaths and being mindful to calm my anxiety and stay focused.

4. Have Fun:

I made sure to do things I love, like playing badminton, or playing music. It helped me relax.

5. Stay Social:

Even with all the work, I kept in touch with friends and family. They gave me support and

reminded me that life isn't just about exams. A meaning less gossips with friends greatly helps to reduce stress but one should take care of time as it passes while enjoying yourself.

How does taking care of myself during senior year made a big difference:

1. Better Grades:

I actually did improve in school when I took care of myself. As I can concentrate better and

remember stuff easier it was inevitable to score good.

2. Less Stress:

Well it was the whole point of it to reduce the stress. And also I could handle tough exams

without freaking out.

3. Happier Mind:

My mental health got way better. I felt more in control of my emotions and could handle tough situations.

4. Positive Thinking:

Self-care made me more positive. I could see the positive in all aspects of life.

So, what's the big idea here? Well, I learned that taking care of yourself is super important. It's not selfish; it's necessary. It can help you succeed in school and make you happier. I want

everyone to know that self-care is like a secret superpower. It can help you through the tough times in high school(also in your whole life) and make you feel stronger and happier.

Remember,you're more than just grades, and you deserve to take care of yourself. Give self-care a try, and watch how it can make your life better and don't forget to say 'all is well' to yourself.

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