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The Power of Self-Care: How Prioritizing My Well-being Transformed My Life

The complex life we have often leaves us with little time to think about ourselves. We often find ourselves struggling to keep up with multiple responsibilities. The desire to have a good career often blinds us from seeing the disastrous effect it causes on our well-being. Like most of us, I myself was busy in relentless pursuit of success until I decided to prioritize my wellbeing and this decision has brought a transformative change in my life.

As a human being, I was always trapped in the vicious cycle of the pursuit of success and did

not give attention to my body. It was quite common for me to eat junk food as it needed less

time, not to get proper sleep, and even not to do any exercises. My mental well-being was

ignored even more than my physical well-being. This had a serious effect on my life as I

became very short-tempered, unhappy, and prone to obesity. That was caution light for me andI decided to focus on myself to be a healthy person.

The journey that I embarked upon was very difficult. I made my well-being the chief motto of my life. The first thing that I focused on was my physical well-being. Morning exercises, and yoga became a part of my daily routine. I also made a list of unhealthy habits and decided to terminate all of them one by one. The biggest challenge that I faced was stopping myself from eating fast food. This was the toughest task and once it was achieved the rest started falling in line by itself. I also planned the diet according to my body.

Most of the people in our country ignore the mental well-being. It is physical well being that we focus on the most. Mental health is a very crucial part of our lives and if not paid sufficient attention can lead to many problems. For my mental well-being, every day I decided to give specific hours only for myself where I did what I loved the most. For my inner peace, I started doing meditation and also spending time with my loved ones. We often take our family for granted and do not spend enough time with them. However, our family is the best stress ball that all of us have and is available to us all the time.

As I started the self-care routine, I was able to see noticeable changes in my life. I could feel energized from the inside and this had a positive impact on my career as well. I became mentally and emotionally stronger and could feel the inner peace of mind.The journey of success on which we are running often makes us blindfolded and we often forget that the aim of everything is to be a happy and satisfied person. Prioritizing my well-being brought phenomenal changes in my life. A healthy well-being can be transformal for our lives.

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