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Unexpected Love

Raj, a twelve-year-old boy, was heading back home after the school. It was 6’o

clock in the evening and there was a lot of traffic on the road, when suddenly

the clouds grew darker and with a thunderstrike it started to rain heavily. Raj

was bewildered by this sudden onset of events and was unable to find a

shelter. The traffic on the road made him more anxious.

All of a sudden, he heard a lady calling him from behind. To his surprise, she

was a fruit vendor and she asked him to get shelter under her umbrella. Finally,

Raj felt peace under the shelter offered by the lady. Moreover, she cleaned his

rain drenched body and offered him with an apple from her cart. He was

astonished by seeing so much care and affection from a stranger.

After an hour the rain stopped. When he was leaving, he asked the lady, “Why

were you so kind to me, despite we don’t know each other?” The lady grinned

and replied, “Loving others don’t charge you anything, instead it gives you

satisfaction and happiness in return. We all exist due to love and affection we

show to each other.” Raj felt content by the answer and childishly asked, “How

can I offer back the same love in return?”. She replied, “Come again at my stall

and we will have a cup of tea together.”

[P.S. We all longed for love and affection from others and it is soothing to

know that it can come unexpectedly from anyone, anywhere and any day.

In above story, it came from a fruit vendor who didn’t even knew the boy. But,

due to love, in few minutes they developed a connection between them.

Sometimes few moments passed with a person who loves selflessly leaves a

great impact in an individual’s life.]

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