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Vahani Summer Workshop aka Fun Unlimited

After two years-which seemed almost like an era- the Vahani family had their offline workshop. We do have online workshops but the craving to meet people can never be filled through screens. Finally, the day everyone waited so eagerly, arrived. Scholars came gathering from all around the country. Nobody wanted to miss such a wonderful event. Even though many of us hadn't met each other in person, it seemed everyone knew everyone else for a long time. 'Hello's and 'Hi's came pouring in as soon as we reach the hotel lobby. The whole hotel was bustling with Vahani. Some were so excited about the workshop that they forgot about dinner- one of them was me.

The next day was the first day of the workshop- a.k.a the introduction day. We listened to the inspiring words of the team and then came the 2021 scholars introduction. The speakers in the panel discussion were also very motivating and their words surely moved a lot of us. Their life-changing stories looked like a dream come true. We learnt how they faced the challenges on their way and how they tackled them. It was an amazing discussion. The cultural performances were also the best. There were so many talented scholars among us, that no one knew. The dances and songs boosted the excitement even more. Everyone was on a whole another energy level. However, the performance by Ananya Chatterjee was the show-stealer. Her expressions were so realistic that for a moment, we forgot she was performing. She immersed the whole audience together with her. It was as if we were watching first-hand accounts of the story. After a whole day of amusement, it was time for dinner. The talks at the dinner table were all about how amazing the day went.

The second day was the fun part of the workshop which included all the activities and a visit to Smaash! The activities were guided by Reeva ma'am and they were fantastic. They were both fun and entertaining. Everyone was interacting with each other and this showed why it is called the Vahani family. The goal-setting activity was also a joyful one. Then, the new members of the Vahani alumni Association were introduced.

The most memorable moment happened when we left for Smaash. Buses were booked, and scholars gathered. It all reminded me of the school trips with our schoolmates. Everybody used to sing on the bus trips and the same thing happened on the way to Smaash. This was a nostalgic moment for everyone- I guess. Then, we reached Smaash and that's where the real fun began. There were so many games that we weren't able to decide. The main attraction was go-carting and bowling. Go carting got me the most pumped up. It felt so great to have wheels in my hands. The arcade section was also great with all sorts of games.

After two days of infinite delight, it was time to return to our places again. It was hard as there was such a special bond created among us. We went with nothing with ourselves and returned with memories. With the hope to meet again, we all said goodbyes to each other.

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