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Vahani Workshops: The treasure box

I have a treasure box!

Vahani workshop, a place where we enjoy and laugh together. It is the best platform to explore yourself, with a lot of fun activities, teamwork, and social interaction with experts. It's my favourite among all Vahani programs. My first experience with the Vahani Winter Workshop was in the month of December, a time of freezing cold which was a body boggling moment for all of us.

It was a chance to be with the team, interact and get to know everyone. The team was guided by Ms. Reeva, Mr. Rajiv, Mrs. Preeti, Mrs. Rashmani, Mr. Zubin, Mrs. Mariya, and Ms. Hinga. These experts helped us to tackle our personal, professional as well as emotional issues and provided us with immense support for everything.

The day of the fun group activity by Mr. Rounak was full of laughter as well as learning. We had to create a story with the given characters and enact it. It taught us to defeat our stage fright, which everyone experiences at some point in time.

The activity was followed by a debate competition, a fight with words. The topics given to us were simply outside of our horizon of expectations but they were interesting enough to leave our brains pondering upon them. Arguments put forth for and against the topics left everyone speechless and made it difficult for judges to select the winner.

During panel discussions, our attentiveness was put to the test. We gained a great deal of knowledge about a particular sector by listening to specialists. It increased our curiosity and made us reconsider our perspectives. We held a cultural night after the brainstorming and price distribution session which was undoubtedly everyone’s favourite. Everyone was prepared to perform on stage and show their talents to win the hearts of the audience.

This is not all. We also had some equally significant workshops like IT workshops, CV creation, and Ace Your LinkedIn Game. I think without these talents, a person won't be able to live in this world of cutthroat competition. This is when my treasure box comes in handy for getting through these programmes.

As a student embarks on an educational journey, it's crucial to equip yourself with the right tools to unlock your full potential. In today's digital age, these essential tools can significantly contribute to our personal and professional development.

Excel: Mastering Data Analysis and Organization Microsoft Excel is powerful spreadsheet software that offers a multitude of benefits for students such as Data Analysis, Organization and Planning, and Visualization. Major Vijay Maradani sir helped us to enrich our Microsoft Excel knowledge through IT program.

Resume or CV: For showcasing your skills and accomplishments, a well-crafted CV plays a vital role in our professional journey. Mentor Apar Rathi had conducted sessions to discuss and improve our CVs. These sessions proved to be extremely useful for each one of us. It helped us to leave a positive impact over the interviewer for internships.

LinkedIn: Building Your Professional Identity and Network LinkedIn has emerged as a powerful platform for professional networking and personal branding. It helps students through Profile Enhancement, Networking Opportunities, and Career Exploration. Vahani mentor Mr. Krishan shared his ideas on how to build a smart profile on LinkedIn to land a job/Internship in our dream company. This helped us to build up a strong profile.

To put in a nutshell, Vahani is truly a synonym for learning, success, leadership, and self-dependent.

Thank you Vahani.

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