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We all are Perfectly Imperfect!

Any impact can affect our lives in a good or bad manner. It also creates various ups and downs in our lives. If it affects our lives in a good manner, it’s a great thing but, if it is affects badly, then we have a chance to convert this adversity into opportunity. Today I am going to narrate a story. This is not my own story; this is the story of Muniba Mazari. She is the first wheel-chair model. I was greatly inspired by her story. Let's see which impact changed her life.

Sometimes problems are not too big; we are too small and unable to handle them. Muniba met with a car accident. In that, she sustained multiple injuries. Her right arm, wrist, shoulder bone, and collarbone were fractured badly. Due to her rib cage injury, her lungs and liver were badly injured. That incident had a great effect on her life, both physically and mentally. Her backbone was completely crushed and she was paralyzed for the rest of her life. This accident took place on a far-flung road where there was no first-aid, no hospital, and no ambulance. A lot of people came to rescue her. They dragged her out of the car. After a lot of rushing, she was taken to a hospital, which is 3 hours away from this place.

She spent about two and a half months in a hospital. It's easy for me to describe this incident now, but it's difficult for me to imagine how she feels during such a trying time. One day, a doctor came to her and told her that she wouldn’t be able to showcase her art because her wrist and arm were badly deformed. The next day, the doctor came again and said, due to your spine injury, you are not able to walk again. These two attacks badly demotivated her. Some of her close ones were left in that situation, and she never thought of the people who left her. She was grateful for those people being with her. Her mother gave her the confidence that these bad times would pass. God has greater plans for you. All the time, she was trying to put a smile on her face, hiding the pain.

Art is the world's best technique in which we can express our emotions, thoughts, and feelings without uttering a single word. She asked her brother to bring some colors for her. She wants to add color to her colorless life. She started painting in the hospital. Only art kept her alive for two and a half months of hospitalization. This painting worked as a relief therapy for her. People used to come and say, "Wow, what a lovely picture. Everyone sees the colors in it, but no one sees the grief in it. She went back to her home after being discharged.

After two years, she celebrated her rebirthday. Now she was able to sit in a wheelchair. Her perspective on life shifted the day she sat in the wheelchair. She couldn’t wait for a miracle to make you stand, and she accepted herself the way we were. The special people thought that they would not be accepted by the general population. We shouldn’t create such thoughts of acceptance. They should be forced to accept it through our work. She started painting more passionately. She did lots of exhibitions and campaigning. So, when you accept yourself the way you are, the world recognizes you. " On the road to success, there is always a "we," not a "me. Never think that you alone have achieved this milestone. Her mother was a great inspiration for her. When we do something, ‘failure’ should be an option. Giving up is not an option.

She saw an advertisement for a disabled boy and his father for the Polio Dose Campaign. She felt bad that the boy was objectified as a sign of grief, mercy, and lifelessness. The wrong thing is sprayed all over the media for a person with disabilities. She wanted to change people's perspective toward disabled people. No one has the right to disrespect our abilities. Disability or weakness shouldn’t be a reason for failure. For us, life will be hard. There will be fluster, there will be trials. In the end, what will you make yourself stronger? Real happiness doesn’t lie in money, fame, or property. Real happiness lies in gratitude.

At a certain stage of life, her life was pointless, colorless, and aimless. But she started art for the sake of living. Her wheelchair completely changed her life. She accepted it as a boon, not a bane. This story is not just for the only disabled person; it is for every ordinary person. We should enhance the art of converting adversity into opportunity. Always try to find an opportunity in our weaknesses.

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