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What makes Chapter meets special

Life is uncertain. It is all about ups and downs. We all need our family and friends to celebrate our success and to support in needs. We, the Vahani scholars are luckiest to be part of the family which consists people across the country.

When notifications for the chapter meet pop on the screens, heart fills with joy and happiness reflects in our actions. Vahani’s chapter meet is one of the best memorable events with its own specialties like:

· When the destination is beautiful and travelling is love. The chapter meet provides an opportunity to visit new cities, a platform to get introduced to new people and culture. It act as a stress busting pill amidst exams and assignments .It make us to feel being in a completely new environment.

· After a while, staying alive seems to be a full-time job. No wonder we all need a vacation. To spend a productive weekend, nothing can be better than the chapter meets. The breaks we take from our classes to attend the chapter meets pay us back manifold when we return. We go back with a fresher mind and newer thinking.

· Interaction with the Vahani family is happiness. The best thing I like about the chapter meet is that it gives us a chance to meet the family members’ in-persons. The team members are present. They guide us, encourage us and support us in the journey of life. The meet ends after having educational discussions.

· The chapter meet gives us a chance to interact with intelligent minds of our age group. We get to know more about our friends doing well in other prestigious colleges. Sometimes their work inspire us, sometimes they help us. But they always make us feel that we are there for each other.

· Without food and some fun activity our get together is absolutely incomplete. We can skip on everything but how can we let go “Samosa”, waiting for us.

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