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What Makes Chapter Meets Special

What do core memories mean to us - It basically stands for moments which became special- From festive gatherings to Family trips.

One such core memory I am sure for Vahani scholars is - Vahani Chapter meet.

1st time I heard of it - I envisioned it as some kind of official meet with stiff quizzes.

Trust me- there will be stiff quizzes but not for the reasons you are thinking.

Ever heard of awesome get-togethers even better than yearly family trips?

Vahani Chapter Meets are these awesome get-togethers that happen after the epic Winter and Summer workshops, reuniting the lively Vahani fam.

These cozy events bring together scholars from the same chapter, creating the atmosphere of a bonfire reunion (without an actual bonfire).

What actually distinguishes these chapter meetings is the wave of nostalgia they bring, as cherished memories with other scholars flood back.

With a smaller, more tight-knit group, the chapter meets give chance to those who missed the winter or Summer workshops to catch up and reconnect with the Vahani crew.

Chapter Meets are the ultimate FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) cure. If you couldn't join the winter or Summer workshops, no worries – you're still part of the fun!

Vahani alumni bring an extra dose of fun and learning to the entire experience. By sharing their personal growth stories and Vahani adventures, they elevate the event to a whole new level. Their insights and experiences inspire and motivate everyone, making the gathering even more memorable and enriching.

Not to mention the delectable cuisine, which elevates the overall experience?

These chapter meetings offer a special blend of enjoyment, education, and connection

So, whether you've attended the winter or Summer workshops or not, the Vahani Chapter Meet is an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling more connected to the Vahani community and eager to create even more core memories together.

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