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What Makes Vahani Chapter Meet Special

“And it begins. As usual, I was in my college attending the lectures scheduled for the day and all of a sudden, I got a notification stating “Vahani Chapter meet calling you”, as soon as I got the mail I opened and read it I became cheerful and started filling the form.”

Vahani Chapter Meet is a get together event organised by the Vahani Trust for all the Scholars in different cities to unite the scholars from different places and to promise them a day full of love, laughter, inspiration and aspiration.

The chapter meet is special in itself as it brings the Vahani family together (a family that stays together, grow together). The meet provides a day full of joy and love, free from all the regular days filled with work, stress and anxiety. It gives us an opportunity to interact with the mentors, team members, alumni, and peers and to learn the best from them.

The meet will always be special for me as it was the first time, I got a chance to meet the Vahani family and certainly I was overwhelmed by the love, care and motivation I got from them. I learned a lot of things and that made myself more stronger and confident. I got to know my peers, the achievements they have made and that motivated me to do a lot more. The best part about the meet was I got a chance to have an interaction with the Vahani board members and their inspirational talks really inspired me to achieve even the impossible. The inspiring stories of the alumni were really to be proud of and the art of giving back to the society was clearly seen in them, the opportunity to interact with them personally was very heartwarming and it turned out to be meaningful and enjoyable day in the life of each of the scholars.

As a Vahani scholar, I have always learned to make out the best of the opportunities that come in our paths, to follow our dreams and to work hard and I believe that through the meet I got an opportunity to explore a city like Delhi , to meet the board members and to learn and unlearn many things, to learn from my fellow mates and to see the live success stories of the alumni , to encourage my inner self to work and achieve the best. The chapter meet was organized in such a way that it kept all the scholars away from their daily life tiring chores and constrictions and we were indeed able to enjoy to the best. Simply, it was a happy and joyous day filled with enthusiasm, happiness, inspiration and of course a very delicious food. And this is what makes the Vahani chapter meet so special.

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