Indrajit Sharma
2020 Scholar

I believed that every needy and deserving student should know about this great scholarship opportunity, so that more dream like mine could get a kick start.


Pratibha Sharma
2019 Scholar

Vahani is in my blood, I reflect its virtues, my values are inherited from it, and my actions depict the learnings I have acquired from it


Aakansha Yadav
2018 scholar

Vahani for me has been more than a scholarship; it’s like a family where each one cares for each other wholeheartedly

Akansha Yadav

2017 Scholar

Vahani for me has been more than a scholarship; it’s like a family where each one cares for each other wholeheartedly. My Journey with this lovely family has been incredible and path breaking for me. Vahani did not only provide financial support to achieve my dreams but gave me courage and confidence to do whatever I aspired for. Vahani is a life changing experience for me for which I have obviously dreamt of but never thought that it would be a path breaking journey. Mentors who are highly experienced are always there for us selflessly. Coming from a poor socio-economic rural background in India, getting higher education was something of which I have thought of but never imagined that this family would make it a life changing journey.

Rightly said by Winston Churchill that “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. Similarly Vahani is already making life of so many students of which I am also a part of and I’m so thankful for that. Even if I thank them for their incredible support, guidance and motivation it would be less. I aspire to bring the change in my community of which I have been part of so that other children like me who possess a lot of talent but don’t get opportunities to pursue that further, due to lack of financial support and lack of awareness. I know for this I have to be a part of some authority and as an individual I believe that bureaucracy is the most appropriate platform to bring about a change. In the future I would like to join the Indian civil service so that I can have the privilege of helping students further their education in the same way Vahani has helped me.