Akansha Yadav

2017 Scholar

Vahani scholarship is a non-profit organisation which aspires to nurture the exceptional talents of deprived students from all over the India. Every year it selects students from class 12th who deserve a chance to get the best education. They provide full financial support to each selected student. Other than financial support, Vahani as a family have very good mentorship program which really looks into every aspect of students from mental, emotional and per say they aim for the wholesome development of every scholar here. Vahani provides great opportunities for all the scholars to intern with the top companies in India.

Vahani for me has been more than a scholarship; it’s like a family where each one cares for each other wholeheartedly. My Journey with this lovely family has been incredible and path breaking for me. Vahani did not only provide financial support to achieve my dreams but gave me courage and confidence to do whatever I aspired for. Vahani is a life changing experience for me for which I have obviously dreamt of but never thought that it would be a path breaking journey. Mentors who are highly experienced are always there for us selflessly. Coming from a poor socio-economic rural background in India, getting higher education was something of which I have thought of but never imagined that this family would make it a life changing journey.

Rightly said by Winston Churchill that “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. Similarly Vahani is already making life of so many students of which I am also a part of and I’m so thankful for that. Even if I thank them for their incredible support, guidance and motivation it would be less. I aspire to bring the change in my community of which I have been part of so that other children like me who possess a lot of talent but don’t get opportunities to pursue that further, due to lack of financial support and lack of awareness. I know for this I have to be a part of some authority and as an individual I believe that bureaucracy is the most appropriate platform to bring about a change. In the future I would like to join the Indian civil service so that I can have the privilege of helping students further their education in the same way Vahani has helped me.

Gyantosh Kumar 

2016 Scholar

 I am Gyantosh Kumar, 21 years old and from New Delhi. I have graduated in B Tech (Computer Science) from Bharati Vidyapeeth, College of Engineering, and New Delhi. I was born in Bihar and I was brought up from age 0–14 in Bihar and then came to Delhi for higher studies. Coming from a poor family in rural India, getting a higher education was something that I had previously only dreamt about.


I did my higher eduaction from one of the government schools of Delhi and   also prepared to appear for JEE mains and JEE Advanced along side. I did my competitive exam preparation from Avanti. Through Avanti I got selected for the Vahani Scholarship. And this is the best thing that has happened in my life. Vahani was an incredible opportunity to realize my treasured dream. No words could possibly explain how happy I was when I was informed that I had been chosen and would be sponsored by Vahani, to receive this scholarship.


Vahani scholarship helped me achieve my educational and career goals. The Vahani family helped me in every aspect. The Vahani family did not only provide financial support they d also helped me mentally and gave me a mentor to solve my doubts and any problem that I was facing    . They helped me to find an internship. One thing I will remember in my whole life is that my first flight journey Delhi to Nagpur became a reality because of the Vahani family. Every time when I got in to trouble I called Rashmani ma'am and she helped me in every possible way. Vahani family is my family and I will make sure in my life whenever Rashmani ma’am, Reeva ma'am and the Vahani family need me I will be available for them. Thank you.

Shashwat Sharma 

2018 Scholar

Becoming a Vahani scholar has been a life-changing experience for me. In my school life, I always thought of what it’s like to have a scholarship. This dream of mine came true after I got selected for Vahani. When I applied and gave the interview for the scholarship I never knew what I was signing up for. I thought it to be just a financial support but when I joined Vahani and met the family I felt even luckier that it was not just about money rather it offered much more. Everyone in Vahani has always backed my decisions and supported me throughout. Especially, the time when I wanted to change the college, the way Rashmani ma’am and Mariya ma’am supported me during that tough time is what I can never describe in words and I can never thank them enough. Vahani’s summer and winter workshops are always a great experience not only because of the prominent speakers and fun activities but also because of the get together of the whole family. The main highlight of Vahani is the Mentorship programme. The mentors guide us and help us in getting internships, knowledge about the industry and making the right decisions,  they also provide us with moral support. I feel lucky to have mentors such as Ronjona ma’am and Rachita ma’am who’ve mentored me. The traits which I learnt from the mentors would be kindness, patience, humility. I can surely say that my etiquettes improved as well in interacting with people from vahani. Rashmani ma’am is one of the most influential people in my life and I can never thank her enough for being there for us. It would become long if I take everyone’s name, so I thank everyone from the family for being there for each other. I hope in future, the way vahani helped me I should also become capable to give  back to society in whatever sense possible.  I feel lucky in being a part of the vahani family and it has been a driving force for me to try to give my best in whatever I do.