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Vahani Workshops

IT Workshop

IT Skills are a must today and being adept at Excel is something that is required for all job/entrepreneurial profiles.
Mentor Major Vijay Maradani has volunteered to help and train our graduating batches. We Began the 1st batch of the IT Workshop - MS Excel on the 14th of April 2021.

Vahani Creative Thinking Workshops 

Conducted by Prof Mike Knowles, it has  helped several  scholars in the past explore and discover how through the art of making and being creative helps awaken exciting ways of critical thinking and problem solving.

CV Making Workshop

Mentor Apar Rathi has been working very closely with the senior scholars and has been conducting 1:1 sessions to discuss and improve their CVs. These sessions have proved to be extremely useful for each one of them. 

LinkedIn Workshop

A LinkedIn profile page is the foundation of ones personal branding. The best way to raise ones visibility among  peers and have a knockout profile is by creating a cohesive, compelling  ID on LinkedIn.

In "Ace your LinkedIn Game" workshop with Vahani mentor Mr. Krishan shares his ideas on how to build a smart profile on LinkedIn to land a job/Internship in your dream company. 

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