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A possible new ending - Raazi

Do you like watching movies? Ha ha! I bet this is a lame question as there’s no one who would say NO! It’s true, right? Whether the genre is comedy, crime, thriller or any other, the movies always serve as the best source of entertainment to all age groups. Also, there are some movies which bring out the same degree of emotions every time you watch them.

One such movie for me is ‘RAAZI’, an adaptation from Harinder Sikka’s inspiring novel titled ‘CALLING SEHMAT’ which is based on true events. While there are certain changes present in the storyline of the movie from that of the novel, let us focus entirely on the movie in this blog. ‘RAAZI’ is a 2018 film with an action/spy genre directed by Meghna Gulzar. The film features popular actors like Alia Bhatt, Vicky Kaushal, Jaideep Ahlawat and many others. It was undoubtedly a blockbuster which bagged numerous awards including the Filmfare and IIFA. Anyway, since the movie touched my heart so deeply, I’d like to honor it with my small contribution. How so…? Let me tell you. Though the movie was ideal in its own way, I intend to enhance its portrayal by rewriting its ending. Now, why don’t we have a brief look at the story?

Sehmat, a 20-year-old girl from Kashmir is married into a Pakistani family by her father who is a strong patriot, in order to serve as a spy for India during the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971. She smartly gathers important information about the offensive plans made by Pakistan and sends them to India. Meanwhile, she acquires the trust of her in-laws and falls in love with her husband, Iqbal. In the course of these events, she comes across a lot of hurdles, yet she manages to provide some crucial information to India. Eventually, when her husband discovers her true identity, she tries to escape from the situation. Mir’s team (who had initially trained Sehmat as aspy) comes to rescue her but instead kills Sehmat and her husband due to the circumstances where it appears like she might get caught. However, as she had switched places with another agent, Sehmat is alive. Later she wails and confronts Mir for his orders to kill her. She is also heartbroken about her husband’s death. She then comes back to India and finds herself pregnant with Iqbal’s child who joins the Indian Army years later.

Now, let me narrate my ending for this story.

When Sehmat’s true identity is revealed, she gets caught in a critical situation where she is completely surrounded by the Pakistan army. One of them says, “You’ve got only option…to tell us the truth. What information have you sent to your country? Tell us everything you know.” Sehmat smiles with her eyes full of pride and says, “It’s not the only option!” She quickly takes out the gun she hid in her bag and points it at her head. Bang! The place was filled with smoke which makes it difficult for everyone to even open their eyes. During this moment, someone clutches Sehmat’s hand and pulls her out. It was Mir! His team had actually bombed the place with tear gas. Then they manage to save Sehmat and reach their secret place under difficult circumstances.

Sehmat asks, “Why did you struggle this hard to save me?” Mir asks back, “Why did you try to kill yourself?”

Sehmat replies, “I did not want all our efforts to save millions of lives in our country to go in vain. It is better I die!”

Mir says, “Yes! We don’t want to lose such a person of sacrifice. Besides, whether it’s a single or millions of lives, we never cease to struggle hard to save every one of them.”

Sehmat says, “My country is more important than me.”

Mir says, “Well, people like you are more important for our country.” Then, we can watch our tricolor flag flying with pride and happiness.

This might not be the ending of the novel or the movie or even the real life of Sehmat but I hope this definitely enhances our patriotism to the next level.

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