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In the Heart of Nature: Exploring the Aravali Hills with Vahani Scholars

Updated: Feb 7

The crisp morning of January 6, brought in a new adventure for the Vahani Scholars. 

Staying true to the theme of the Workshop: Building a stronger you, this journey challenged us physically and taught us perseverance and courage. 

Our day kicked off at the foots of Aravalli hills, where we teamed up with expert guides from the Delhi By Cycle Organisation. They provided us with valuable insights into the hills and stories of leopards in the area. After teaming up with a buddy and ensuring that we were mentally and physically prepared for the 12 km walk ahead of us, we set off on our hike with a sense of anticipation and excitement. 

The rocky trails of the Aravelli greeted us with nature's awe-inspiring beauty at every turn. The panoramic views from the hilltops were nothing short of breathtaking as if we had stepped into a postcard-perfect paradise. Despite the exhaustion of walking in rugged terrain, we couldn’t miss clicking pictures to freeze this memory into a screen. 

The hike provided the perfect setting for conversations to flow freely. Scholars from different batches bonded over the fact that this was their first-ever hiking experience. Upon reaching the picnic spot, scholars enjoyed their lunches and took turns sharing their findings picked up along the way. A porcupine spike, a peacock feather, and even blue and red-colored pebbles became treasures to be admired. 

The rocky, rugged terrain tested our limits, but we embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. Each step we took, and each obstacle we overcame, brought us closer together as a family. 

As we descended from the Aravali hills, our hearts were filled with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. The Hiking trip was a much-needed opportunity to connect with nature. This was an unforgettable experience that allowed us to connect with the beauty of the Aravali hills and create lasting memories. It was more than just a trek; it was an adventure filled with camaraderie, shared laughs, and lasting memories.

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Feb 05

Lovely to see!

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