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Who can apply for the scholarship?

The scholarship is open for students studying in the 12th grade and who will appear for the Board Examination next year, who have scored 85% or above in 10th Board Examinations and are applying for an undergraduate degree in India.

What is the eligibility criteria to apply?

It is a merit cum mean scholarship, the applicant's family annual income should be less than 1.5 lac per annum. The applicant should have scored 85% or above in the 11th standard and 10th Board Examination.

How can one apply and where can one find the application form?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for the scholarship by filling up the application form, it is free of cost. Application forms can be filled in online on our website. Please be sure to go through the Application Process page before doing so.

When are the applications forms available and what is the last date of submission?

The forms open in September every year and the last date of submission is 1st December of the same year.

Which universities/institutions are covered for the scholarship?

All top Government Universities or Government Recognised Universities/Colleges. In addition, the scholarship on very rare cases supports some exceptional Private Universities. The selected scholars are counselled during their admission process to identify the best course and college suitable for them. The scholars need to verify and get approval from the Vahani Scholarship Board before seeking admission in any university/college.

What does the scholarship support?

Vahani Scholarship will support the scholar's full tuition fee for the entire duration of the course. The scholar receives a fixed stipend as travel allowance, College Text books, hostel/PG rent, in case the scholar moves out and food. In addition, the scholar receives a stipend to purchase a laptop and fully covered return journey back and forth from home once in a year.

How and when are the short-listed candidates for interviews informed and are the rejected candidates also informed?

All candidates are informed about whether they have been selected by mid-December through email or phone calls. Short-listed candidates will be given the date for their interviews during this time.

What are the relevant documents to be submitted at the time of interview?

At the time of the interview the following documents are required:

  • Original 10th and 11th Marksheet

  • Original income cerificate issued that year

  • Original certificates (those mentioned in the form by the applicant).

Are there any conditions applied for the scholarships after the selection?

Yes, there is a condition applied for the scholarship. After the interview, if one is selected they are offered a conditional scholarship. The scholar needs to maintain 85% or above in 12th Board Examination and once at University must maintain above-average grades in.

What are the personal development opportunities offered to the scholar?

Listed below are the primary opportunities offered by Vahani Scholarship:
Personal and Professional Development workshops, 1-1 Mentoring and Career Counselling, Summer Internships at some of the best organisations, English Language Programme, Mental Health/ Psychological Support.

Are loans also available for special courses/training in India?

No. The scholarship does not have any provision for loans.

Does the scholarship only apply to certain undergraduate degrees?

No, the scholarship apply’s to any full time under graduate degree. The scholar may choose any stream as per his/her interest.

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