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What We Do

Those children coming from challenging backgrounds, their demand for life and their need to survive, gives birth to a spirit of innovation second to none.
That spirit, when recognised, cared for and mentored is a massive power source, a power that will promote the individual and change society. At Vahani we believe that we can achieve this only through education.

Vahani Scholarship is a non-profit organisation that recognises the importance of opening doors for the exceptionally brilliant underprivileged children in India. Our mission is to send Indian students who come from extenuating circumstances to the top universities across India for undergraduate scholarship. We take a two-pronged approach: full financial support combined with holistic development.

By creating a close-knit community of scholars with exceptional talent, we hope to create leaders who will be the inspiration and agents of change in their local communities. We have no religious or political affiliations.

We created Vahani as we saw a gap in support for higher education. We provide close mentorship to each student through our board members and network of professionals in Delhi. This includes guidance in the selection of colleges, courses and internships. Senior Vahani Scholars mentor the new scholars closely, building a family like community.

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