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What We Do

The inception of Vahani arose from recognizing an unmet need in higher education support. The disparity between access to opportunities available to harness leadership and growth for an individual. Children emerging from challenging backgrounds often possess remarkable resilience and a strong desire to succeed, igniting their innovative spirit. When nurtured and guided, this spirit becomes a powerful force for personal growth and societal transformation. At Vahani, we firmly believe that education is the key to unleashing this potential.

Vahani Scholarship is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing unique opportunities to exceptionally gifted, economically disadvantaged students selected whilst in class 12 every year from across India. Our mission involves sending deserving Indian students to prestigious universities in  the country in any field of study, offering them full financial support and holistic development through hands-on professional mentoring. This guidance includes course and college selection, facilitating internships along with skill development over the course of the undergraduate programme.

Our approach is unique, which involves comprehensive financial assistance and personal growth. We prioritise offering extensive mentorship, leveraging the expertise of the Vahani Board  and a network of Professional Mentors from across the world connected on a single platform. By creating a close-knit community of talented scholars, we aim to nurture future leaders who can inspire positive change in their local communities and give back to Society. We believe in inclusivity and an unbiased approach towards the selection of our Scholars.

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