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Favourite Vahani Programme

All the programmes of Vahani are amazing, filled with knowledge, enjoyable moments, new ideas and different thoughts and prospective towards a single objective. These programmes are made with the thoughts of requirement of knowledge, personality, work ability and communication in future that a scholar must have for a successful and impactful life.

The organization not only works towards the academics of the scholars even provide them lots of opportunity for self-improvement by different sessions, workshops, chapter meets, competitions, and programmes like Vahani English Programme, literacy programme, mentorship programme, IT workshop etc.

Talking about my favourite programme of Vahani, English programme is one of my favourite programme. The main objective of this programme is to enhance the knowledge of scholars, make effective communications with fluent speaking skills, and build personality development and also make them aware of current affairs.

Current affairs is a new part of Vahani English programme which was introduced in 2022. The purpose for adding current affairs is to make every scholar aware of what is going on in the world, in the markets and economy, how the decisions are being made by the government and other economic factor, and what steps can be taken to solve different kind of problems worldwide and also to improve their communication skills and personality to make them free of fear of facing camera.

This is a certification programme and scholars are placed in groups based on their interviews and performance in exam scheduled. So that the trainer can focus more on scholars.

The trainer of English programme is very friendly so that we can ask any questions without hesitation and the fear of speaking, and he encourages every scholar to speak and motivate everyone by ensuring that no one is perfect, a person learns from his mistakes, just try even if you will speak wrong you will learn something from that and we will focus more on what problems you are facing and what remedies can be used to cure that.

There are different steps taken to make the English programme successful.

First year English programme is a programme of five months.

In the first year of English programme, we have different group activities covering basic grammar, phrases, tense etc.

Also, there are online sessions in which the trainer shows a video and each scholar selects any five or more word after watching video then each scholar explains why they chose that word and how it is interlinked with the video played. It is one the most amazing activity in which we learn how there can be different prospective of viewing a situation and how many meaning can be taken out of that. It enables scholar to listen carefully and think on various topics. It also gave as a glimpse of what others think towards that.

In the other part of interactive sessions, the trainer shows different kind of pictures of an object and the scholars have to show their ability to convince someone towards something or get convinced by someone. The scholars are given different objects and one scholar has to convince another one why he should buy that product as a keeper and the another has to behave like a rational consumer who only believes to invest on good things and make his best efforts not to agree to purchase that product with reasonable prospectives.

The remaining scholars have to give suitable feedback to that two scholars regarding what points they like, what points they dislike and what better things could have done in the role play. It is a brain boosting activity.

In the current affairs section, every week some of the scholars have to make their video telling news headlines of one week and other scholars have to elaborate the news headlines in their words.

This section is very helpful to decrease the fear of camera and make fluent communication skill with personality development.

The scholars are marked based on their performance in group activities, online sessions, current affairs, and exam taken by Vahani.

In the second year of English programme, the scholars are allotted extreme qualified tutors from all over the India and from out of India for volunteering scholars.

It is a programme of ten months.

There are different things that scholars learn in the second year programme like writing essays, news letters, statement of purpose, cover letter and reading assignments.

The tutor will remark them based on their ideas, reach of though, their writing skills etc.

Likewise, there are different methods used in third year English programme.

The English sessions are very helpful and at the same time it is enjoyable. It helps us to improve our confidence level and speak accurately also it enabled us to think in a broad prospective that how we can ask for a think which has no value in real life. It gave us a platform to share our views and speak in front of people which is utmost important while learning English.

That was the review of Vahani English programme and why I like this programme most.

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