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Through the Lens of Travel: Insights gained from Exploring New Cultures

Traveling has been an area of great interest and exploration since ages be it

any civilization. People have travelled for a variety of reasons like gaining

enlightenment, higher studies, expansion of trade and territory and for

personal interests. The Silk trade has been made possible due to travels of

Chinese merchants. Traveling is one of the major reasons for the spread of

culture and lifestyle.

In the past one year I have travelled to many places and I feel it to be the best

part of my life till now. Though life goes through ups and downs but these

amusing and adventurous events make us feel the depths of life better.

During my JEE preparation, I spent around 9 months in a small village of Pune,

Maharashtra- Kadus. The village is away from the sounds and rush of the city

life. It is surrounded by low lying hills- valleys. These stay green during the rains

and turns yellow in summer and winters. The weather is almost same

throughout the year. Living there, I encountered the life in a village for the first

time. The hardships they have to face and the struggle they do for fulfilling the

needs of the daily. Being lucky I got the chance to visit Sri Sai Baba Shirdi

Temple and Sri Shani Shingnapur Temple. The faith of people in God

astonished me. The entire Shingnapur village has not even a single door.

Everything is open and God is keeping their credence. Each single shop and

restaurant name in Shirdi begins with the name of Sai.

After those successful meetings with God, I got the chance to explore the

history and beauty of the Twin cities of Gujarat – Ahmedabad and

Gandhinagar. The heritage walk in the Ahmedabad made me revisit the past

and all the stages of change, problems, flavors of Shahi food, lifestyle etc.

which Ahmed Shah faced to civilize the great city. Apart from the dominant

Muslim culture in the city the Hindus and Muslims live with great harmony.

The city also has beautiful temples. People have a firm faith in Lord

Swaminarayana. You can fall in love with the astonishing cultures and

diversities of India.

Finally, I landed to the great holy city of Lord Shiva- BENARAS. The city is

unique and complete in its own way. The narrow lanes of Varanasi, the flavors

of pan, the Aghoris, the nashta of different times and the Ghats – everything

has its own place that can’t be replaced. The Swami Vishwanath Temple and

the evening Aarti of the Ganga Ghat will give you goosebumps.

The exploration is still much more left. But all this experience has made me

believe that beauty lies in diversity. One can enjoy and feel the charm if he has

the willing to live the life.

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