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Finding motivation 101

Motivation is a reason for acting or behaving in a particular way. If inspiration is the ignition, then motivation is the fuel for it. Inspiration makes you start something, while motivation makes you keep going with it. It is normal to feel like doing nothing on some days. Let that say go as it is. But don’t let this ruin your entire work. Here are some ways to get the motivation to get things done, which I’ve tried and found very useful:

1. Think about your goals: Whenever you feel low on something, just think about the end results. Think about the dream life that you would live after achieving your goals.

2. Why did you start it? What was the reason that made you come into this work? Was it your family issues, was it because you needed a better life, or was it your passion? Thinking about you helps you to keep going with your job.

3. Listen to Music: Have your own playlist of songs that give you good vibes and positive energy. Make sure the songs that you prefer should not be lethargic, else it would make you feel more demotivated. Whenever you generally hear songs, help yourself select some of those songs. Things are available online, but trust me, your own playlist will be the best for you.

4. Speak to yourself: Go to the mirror, speak to yourself, the reason for your existence, and the struggle that you are going through all these days. Figure out what is stopping you from doing your work. Find out your strengths and weaknesses.

5. Cut off your Distractions: Many of our generation people get distracted very easily. Just a small ping on our mobiles can make us discontinue our work. Try to cut them off. Try putting your mobiles on Silent modes when you are into your work.

6. Turn your Distractions into sources of Motivation: Well, social media has become an inevitable part of our lives. Most of us open Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts and tend to just scroll through unwanted content.The algorithm is made such. Make use of this. How? Lemme explain… Search some content related to your goals a few times. Now when you open these platforms, it shows you related content. When you watch them, you get a mindset of going back to your work. Just give it a try… This sometimes makes you feel guilty

about not working towards your goals, but it also helps you get back to your work.

7. Set up your Environment: Your environment decides the level of focus you will have on your work. Keep your study or workspace neat and clean. So that, whenever you see it, you won’t feel like, ‘Yaar Mujhe nahi padna hei’, due to the chaos over there. Try to put up a poster of your goal in such places. This helps you motivate in your low times.

8. Call up your Friend: It is usual to feel low. Friends can light up our mood. They will motivate us and help us get back to our work. Don’t think that it would waste your time. It is totally worth it.

9. Catch up with your Mentors: Discuss your problems with your mentors. I am sure that they will totally help you out in every possible way.

10. Be Self-Motivated: Don’t wait for external forces to motivate you. Always try to keep your energy high, even if you feel low. Remember, when you break an egg from the outside, it leads to Death… meanwhile, when it breaks from within, it leads to Life. So, have that one factor in your mind that keeps you motivated.

I have personally tried the above ways, and I have found them really beneficial. I hope you found it useful. Also share it with those who are in need of it. Be self-motivated. Don’t let the fire in you set off. Push your limits, and work towards your goal.

This is my first ever blog, apologies for any mistakes. All the critics, feedback, and suggestions are welcome.

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