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“I Am Not Talking About Memes, I Am Talking About My Favourite Vahani Program”

I know, you all have heard about memes. Most of you must be following many meme pages also some of you can be a memer. We all are spending our precious time on social media in watching memes and laughing on them. You all would be thinking that this is an official blog and why am I writing about memes here? So, there is a connection between memes and my favorite Vahani programme which is “English Programme”. I know you all must be thinking that what’s special in Vahani English Programme it would be exactly like other programmes but sorry here I will interrupt you, it’s not like others. Can you imagine a child who comes from hindi medium and because of the Vahani English Programme now, the same child is able to talk to the people who are from another state or country in English. You know what? The child whom I am telling about is the child me.

Vahani English Programme gives us confidence to present ourselves in front of anyone. It breaks the language barrier which is faced by many of the talented students in India. The English Programme is full of fun. I personally enjoyed it a lot . We have so many interactive sessions, in that we express ourselves with everyone in English and it really boosts our energy and confidence. It gives us more entertainment and more access to everything. I remember the day when I was giving my interview for the very first time in Vahani. I was trying my best to speak in English but after one sentence I was not getting the words to speak again with fluency. English programme helped me to address this problem.

Vahani English Programme is not about to show you level and doesn’t it make you feel demotivated. I take it this way when we are not able to understand something and are not able to give any answer during session, it’s all about learning. Every day we get an activity which we have to do within a specific time period. Sometimes it is about creating a meme on given reference images and sometimes it’s about any activity or any exercise which is asked to be done.

The most loving section of mine in English programme is news section. We cover news weekly according to our serial numbers. When it was my turn, I enjoyed a lot in doing research about most important headlines during the week. I can feel a good change in myself with this English programme. I am not limited by words Rather I am overloaded with them. I want to stop here I got to realize that my assignment is pending.

Sorry bye, I love the English program more. Hahahah!

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