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Tears are not the language to speak.

The famous song by Aviva Mongillo “A Princess doesn’t cry”, spill the truth about a girl’s life. We are often considered to be a weak, emotional, timid, and a sensitive person. However, it’s okay to scream when needed and if it comforts, but these screams should not get the language of the society which says that our tears make us weak.

When I feel low, filled, and disheartened, I find crying completely comforting activity. I choose to sit in a calm place and weep to let the emotions flow away, to normalise my own life. Doing that doesn’t make me weak, I again stand up with the brave face, and that bold voice. I again start my day with smile on my face and communicate well. However, people have sensitised our tears. I feel sorry for men in our society, typically they are taught to be strong by not letting their tears, seek the world outside of their eyes. Yes, the problem comes when we are attached with a person, and we are supposed to speak to put our voice forward, our throat gets chocked. When we are flirted on road, we get teary eyes, blaming our own existence, and helplessly walking away and ignoring the guys pushing their teeth in front and laughing heavily. Yes, we get tears when our mother asks “How are you?” and instead of being not fine “We tend to answer in dramatic tone, I am super fine”.

A girl never weeps to put herself down to show the world that she is week, instead these tears raise the questions for society for not realising the causes behind their origination. The problem comes when crying becomes a hobby, when these tears become the language. I always advise myself for not giving any answer with our tears. Being an emotional and a strong girl, I always try to acquire that confident to conversate with words. Realising the fact that many people including males and female

s, they try to hide their tears to not get caught as being an emotional people. I always suggest, it’s okay if one does that, but don’t make it a hobby, and don’t make them your language.

We all are well versed with the knowledge of language, speak that, and then give chance to your tears not to speak for you but to comfort you.

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