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The Best Advice to Myself

Dear me,

As there are numerous of advices I can give you: be empathetic, be kind, be consistent & diligent at what you really want to do, help people in need, never settle, be better but be who you are. The best advice of all, which you need the most in the contemporary phase of

your life is: Just be who you’re. Don’t try to be who you are not because the truth is you will never win in life by being someone you are not. You can not ever live the life of your dreams by someone’s else idea of what you should be doing with your life. You will never ever be happy if you change who you are to fit in with others. Until you accept and embrace who you are who you are, you are destined to live a life of mere fraction of your potential. It’s simply impossibly to be genuinely happy when you are not genuinely yourself. You must be yourself if you want to experience your true purpose in your life. If you are different, be different. Be different and take pride in doing this. If someone does not like it, if many people do not like it, who cares. The right people will show up when real you comes out. Kurt Cobain once said, “I’d rather be hated for who I’m than loved for who I’m not”. The truth is you will never be hated by the right people for being real.

Being real, being yourself is the greatest filter you could ever use. It instantly filters

out all the people and things that don’t belong to you and at the same time it reveals those who do. Bob Marley once said, ”The problem is: People are being hated when they are real and loved when they are fake”. But what is missed here is a very important fact. The people who are hating people for being real are fake people and the people that are loving fake people are the same fake people. Real recognizes real, real recognizes fake too. So who do you want to attract, fake people or real people? Keep in mind: You are average of five people around you. The Sanskrit mantra Aham Brahmasmi means I am the absolute or I am divine or My identity is cosmic. The mantra is taken from Brihadaranyaka Upnishad, Yajurveda. As one of the principle Upnishads, Brihadaranyaka Upnishad(written around 700 BCE) is one of the oldest scriptures in Hinduism, and is considered to be an ancient source of spiritual wisdom. So be yourself, and I promise you, eventually you will attract the right things. Be yourself, no matter what has happened to you no matter who has hurt you. No

matter what you believe, be yourself and be kind to others.

If you do that life will turn out far greater than you ever thought possible. If you don’t, life will be painful, because living a life with a mask ON, you can not see. Living a life trying to be someone else so other people respect you is really not worth it. You might fit outside but what about your inner self? Reality is you are never complete inside. You will never be happy. Be grateful for who you are and be grateful for who you are becoming. You just stand tall and stand strong for your purpose and everything that matters to you. May be whatever we are witnessing is merely a nightmare because I do believe in the quote: ”Man is actor, God is director, life is a drama .Play our part and leave”. So in case if we are acting, why to overact? Just play your part by being yourself. One important thing: whatever happens either good or

bad that happens to serve a purpose, always. Every experience in your life is designed to shape you and help you grow into the highest and mightiest version of yourself. You can perceive every negative experience as an opportunity for growth, rather than time for

suffering. Get going and growing along. You must have deep sense of gratitude for everything you have and believe me you will have more. I will conclude by saying:

Nothing is Impossible(I’m possible). You can get to whatever you can think of, so go and realize your dreams.

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