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Think to solve - a plight, strive to do it right!

Let me start with a question. Are we responsible for our place of birth? Think about it! We can decide where could we build our house or where could we go for vacation but where could we be born is certainly not in our hands. It has immense significance in each of our lives yet this doesn’t stop anyone from venturing into new endeavors or building a preferable lifestyle. So, it’s evident here that one’s desire to grow and excel drives oneself to alter the destiny.

I’d like to amend a similar circumstance that has been prevalent in our society. Well, it’s actually a plight concerned with people who are generally known as ‘orphans’ while I’d like to call them as ‘The Blessed’. I do have a reason for coining this name. Rather than just explaining the books, a good teacher always gives tough challenges to his students so that they become independent and accomplished. Likewise, these Blessed are given the toughest challenges right from their birth in order to build themselves as learned persons. On the other hand, people who are bestowed with all kinds of facilities take enormous

amount of time to achieve what these Blessed do or sometimes even fail to do so.

However if we wish to help these Blessed, we need to do it right. That is why I’d like to initiate an organization termed as the National Endowment Organization for the Blessed (NEOB).

The main objective of this organization is to nationalize and to maintain the endowment of all the orphanages in the country as a single body. NEOB would be responsible for collecting the funds for every orphanage in our country and distributing them equally to all of them with respect to the number of individuals being accommodated by them. The important criteria to be noted are that this entire process would take place in a transparent manner and also irrespective of the location of the orphanages (rural or urban). Besides, whether the funds are provided by the government or any private organization or any

individual volunteering to help, NEOB would be the single handler of them. The honorable President and the Prime Minister of our country could be the integral parts of the supervising committee of NEOB.

Now you could ask, “Why NEOB?” and my answer is that NEOB is vital in spite of the existence of numerous national and international organizations. There are about 29.6 million children in orphanages around the country and most of them are still suffering due to lack of funds and facilities. This is because funds are provided to some orphanages whereas the others are unnoticed because of their location and other factors.

Therefore, by implementing NEOB, our desire to help The Blessed drives them to enhance their destiny.

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